Takeuchi Ryouma Rumored to be Dating Idol Who is 2 Years Younger





-Takeuchi Ryoma's first romance has been discovered. His partner is Ririka (22), member of the idol group "Hajirai Rescue JPN."

-The couple met during their modeling work and have been dating for over a year, according to "Josei Seven."

-The magazine has over 10 photos of Takeuchi visiting Ririka's home and more. 

2: 2017/10/04(水) 17:08:20.17
I mistook that for Takeuchi Yuuko

3: 2017/10/04(水) 17:08:25.41
The god of romance is this guy

5: 2017/10/04(水) 17:09:03.47
This is blatant self advertising

7: 2017/10/04(水) 17:09:44.50
His beginning stage was short
If he dates this kind of woman his image will go down


8: 2017/10/04(水) 17:09:47.01
Who and who?

11: 2017/10/04(水) 17:10:31.46
His body w

13: 2017/10/04(水) 17:10:50.74
He's done with.

14: 2017/10/04(水) 17:11:00.14
Ugh the girl is ugly

15: 2017/10/04(水) 17:11:44.49
If she were AKB I'd be disillusioned, but she's not well known and they both have an air of cleanliness so for some reason or the other I'll forgive them

18: 2017/10/04(水) 17:11:52.41
The girl is too average

23: 2017/10/04(水) 17:12:59.70
This guy is not handsome at all!

25: 2017/10/04(水) 17:13:26.25
Oh no, he's being rumored with a bad luck girl w


27: 2017/10/04(水) 17:13:43.32
Don't use the same wireless earphones as me

32: 2017/10/04(水) 17:14:20.10
Takeuchi suddenly became popular so she might be a good luck girl

39: 2017/10/04(水) 17:16:10.60
There are so many cuter girls though...

45: 2017/10/04(水) 17:16:44.19
He dates an underground idol when he is the most popular w

52: 2017/10/04(水) 17:17:34.93
In this picture, he's just a normal Niichan that you can see anywhere


62: 2017/10/04(水) 17:19:02.21
Takeuchi is just starting his career so this is pretty quick

66: 2017/10/04(水) 17:19:45.93
Women don't care when the actor they like dates another actress because that can't be avoided but if the actor dates an idol or gravure idol they go crazy w

76: 2017/10/04(水) 17:21:07.94
It isn't Arimura Kasumi?! I'm disappointed

77: 2017/10/04(水) 17:21:08.13
He's young so at least he can have a girlfriend
Let him be

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