Takahashi Minami has Been Living with a Man 15 Years Her Senior

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6: 2017/10/24(火) 00:05:37.91
I thought they were living together for 15 years

11: 2017/10/24(火) 00:07:31.61
He's pretty gaudy for a 41 year old non celebrity man

13: 2017/10/24(火) 00:08:19.90
Why was this ugly girl popular when she was in AKB

15: 2017/10/24(火) 00:08:44.13
Just do what you like

16: 2017/10/24(火) 00:08:53.27
She has become more dignified (in terms of her body)

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20: 2017/10/24(火) 00:09:25.00
So it isn't TM-san

23: 2017/10/24(火) 00:10:00.12
It's funny that Nishigawa from TMR became cold towards her just as she got a boyfriend

37: 2017/10/24(火) 00:17:09.79
She's already an old lady in that picture w
They go well together w

38: 2017/10/24(火) 00:17:10.58
It's okay right?
Let her do as she likes

40: 2017/10/24(火) 00:17:19.66
She's aged so much


43: 2017/10/24(火) 00:17:43.99
The man is flashy
He's a dangerous guy

43: 2017/10/24(火) 00:17:43.99
Those are some amazing clothes

43: 2017/10/24(火) 00:17:43.99
Have fun have fun

51: 2017/10/24(火) 00:20:27.43
AKB will probably be happy by marrying and separating from the entertainment business while they're young
Now they're aren't any members like that

57: 2017/10/24(火) 00:23:08.25
There it is, a guy wearing sunglasses at night www

66: 2017/10/24(火) 00:28:09.01
Women should have easy lives

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79: 2017/10/24(火) 00:31:13.99
She's still 26 huh
She's awfully worn out

91: 2017/10/24(火) 00:34:03.31
Girls who didn't have fathers in their household tend to like older men

115: 2017/10/24(火) 00:44:02.08
I can only say, do as you please

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