Ryucheru Recieves Praise for New Image "He Should Stay this Way"


7: 2017/10/29(日) 05:37:16.20
This person's looks were that bad?

68: 2017/10/29(日) 07:37:24.20
He had a softer image but I guess that was because of the makeup


6: 2017/10/29(日) 05:37:13.84
He just won't disappear

17: 2017/10/29(日) 05:45:33.24
If he were like this then there would be no impact

21: 2017/10/29(日) 05:47:48.83
He's not really all that good looking huh
After this it's a battle for impact

24: 2017/10/29(日) 05:51:42.08
Ryucheru is not a bad guy
Why is he being criticized

27: 2017/10/29(日) 05:54:47.77
I don't get the demand for him
As long as he isn't problematic I don't mind though

28: 2017/10/29(日) 05:54:56.70
If he's a comedian
Then he should emphasize his 5 o'clock shadow more


30: 2017/10/29(日) 05:59:53.45
I don't know who he is anymore wwww

33: 2017/10/29(日) 06:06:54.97
Hey that's pretty good isn't it
From the start I thought his clothing was nice

35: 2017/10/29(日) 06:08:15.99
That's because his character isn't being received well anymore

38: 2017/10/29(日) 06:15:12.09
He followed the pattern of having a huge impact because of his eccentricity and then trying to show that he was normal, but next he won't be around anymore so it's a stalemate

43: 2017/10/29(日) 06:23:05.98
In the future his head will be a barren wasteland...

44: 2017/10/29(日) 06:28:17.31
Even if he changes his image celebrities like this are a dime a dozen

50: 2017/10/29(日) 06:43:36.33
Since the year began he has been constantly changing his image
Just calm down already


51: 2017/10/29(日) 06:43:37.64
I've already had enough low caliber celebs with Ikko

58: 2017/10/29(日) 07:00:20.02
They say that he should stay like this but with this image he won't be able to stay popular

61: 2017/10/29(日) 07:20:05.70
Black hair probably suits him better

62: 2017/10/29(日) 07:21:31.40
His personality seems bad so I thought he would %100 disappear

66: 2017/10/29(日) 07:28:55.71
He looks good like this but he will loose his individuality w

64: 2017/10/29(日) 07:23:18.47
In the meantime please properly close the zipper of your backpack

Ryucheru Recieves Praise for New Image "He Should Stay this Way" Ryucheru Recieves Praise for New Image "He Should Stay this Way" Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 10:25 AM Rating: 5

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