Monday, October 30, 2017

Ryucheru Recieves Praise for New Image "He Should Stay this Way"


7: 2017/10/29(日) 05:37:16.20
This person's looks were that bad?

68: 2017/10/29(日) 07:37:24.20
He had a softer image but I guess that was because of the makeup


6: 2017/10/29(日) 05:37:13.84
He just won't disappear

17: 2017/10/29(日) 05:45:33.24
If he were like this then there would be no impact

21: 2017/10/29(日) 05:47:48.83
He's not really all that good looking huh
After this it's a battle for impact

24: 2017/10/29(日) 05:51:42.08
Ryucheru is not a bad guy
Why is he being criticized

27: 2017/10/29(日) 05:54:47.77
I don't get the demand for him
As long as he isn't problematic I don't mind though

28: 2017/10/29(日) 05:54:56.70
If he's a comedian
Then he should emphasize his 5 o'clock shadow more


30: 2017/10/29(日) 05:59:53.45
I don't know who he is anymore wwww

33: 2017/10/29(日) 06:06:54.97
Hey that's pretty good isn't it
From the start I thought his clothing was nice

35: 2017/10/29(日) 06:08:15.99
That's because his character isn't being received well anymore

38: 2017/10/29(日) 06:15:12.09
He followed the pattern of having a huge impact because of his eccentricity and then trying to show that he was normal, but next he won't be around anymore so it's a stalemate

43: 2017/10/29(日) 06:23:05.98
In the future his head will be a barren wasteland...

44: 2017/10/29(日) 06:28:17.31
Even if he changes his image celebrities like this are a dime a dozen

50: 2017/10/29(日) 06:43:36.33
Since the year began he has been constantly changing his image
Just calm down already


51: 2017/10/29(日) 06:43:37.64
I've already had enough low caliber celebs with Ikko

58: 2017/10/29(日) 07:00:20.02
They say that he should stay like this but with this image he won't be able to stay popular

61: 2017/10/29(日) 07:20:05.70
Black hair probably suits him better

62: 2017/10/29(日) 07:21:31.40
His personality seems bad so I thought he would %100 disappear

66: 2017/10/29(日) 07:28:55.71
He looks good like this but he will loose his individuality w

64: 2017/10/29(日) 07:23:18.47
In the meantime please properly close the zipper of your backpack



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