Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nogizaka46's Matsumura Sayuri Reveals Her Dream Wedding Dress in New Photobook


3: 2017/10/04(水) 14:39:57.51
Isn't she the girl who had an affair?

no title

4: 2017/10/04(水) 14:41:10.77
That's why it's better not to have affairs

7: 2017/10/04(水) 14:57:24.46
The same as Kawashima Umika

8: 2017/10/04(水) 14:57:37.21
This chick is seriously out of it

11: 2017/10/04(水) 15:01:38.37
How long with this obachan be an idol

12: 2017/10/04(水) 15:06:15.83
She's already 25 huh

13: 2017/10/04(水) 15:06:52.90
The memory of the affairs will never be erased

no title

15: 2017/10/04(水) 15:10:12.54
She's too cute lol

19: 2017/10/04(水) 15:13:56.48
What's up with that chin

24: 2017/10/04(水) 15:16:52.27
She'll end up getting married later

25: 2017/10/04(水) 15:17:06.00
Is she really popular at handshake events?

26: 2017/10/04(水) 15:18:05.30
Bunshun is amazing. This girl's only image is of having an affair

35: 2017/10/04(水) 15:38:41.40
I don't know what her fans think but honestly when I think of an idol having an affair I get excited


40: 2017/10/04(水) 15:48:38.07
> I don't know what her fans think

After her affair was discovered, she had a surge in  popularity and even at 25 she can still play high school students, she's one of the members who gets attention.
I don't know the mentality of her fans though

37: 2017/10/04(水) 15:40:46.68
Even though she had an affair she's still around.
She's clinging on huh...

39: 2017/10/04(水) 15:48:23.10
It wasn't an affair! I've said time and time again that she was sleeping her way to the top!

33: 2017/10/04(水) 15:35:03.27
Ever since the Bunshun incident no matter what she does I see her as a joke



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