Narimiya Hiroki Opens Instagram Account


8: 2017/10/17(火) 00:17:40.82
Come back!
There's something not right if Narimiya doesn't play the crazy roles

11: 2017/10/17(火) 00:19:30.96
The current actors a bunch of ugly guys
I want him to come back


18: 2017/10/17(火) 00:26:58.49
I don't talk about other people but, is he working?

23: 2017/10/17(火) 00:33:17.25
He should go to Hollywood
I don't know if he would succeed though

27: 2017/10/17(火) 00:34:23.40
He lost all of his Japanese friends huh

29: 2017/10/17(火) 00:35:04.00
If he didn't do wrong he wouldn't have run away


30: 2017/10/17(火) 00:35:25.68
He has the money to slack off so that's nice

34: 2017/10/17(火) 00:37:11.83
When you have Instagram the need for recognition is too strong
He still has lingering affection for the entertainment business

37: 2017/10/17(火) 00:39:29.08
Looks like he did a good job of running away
His career ended among those dark allegations

45: 2017/10/17(火) 00:43:34.38
His friends are hoodlums in the first place...he doesn't hang around anyone decent

61: 2017/10/17(火) 00:51:10.17
That's because birds of a feather flock together
He's having all the fun he wants overseas
He has good friends~


49: 2017/10/17(火) 00:45:51.62
Narimiya-kun is good looking

76: 2017/10/17(火) 01:01:16.37
Starting to post on the internet means he's worried about money so he's strategically preparing for a comeback

82: 2017/10/17(火) 01:03:36.86
Everyone has forgiven you so comeback

101: 2017/10/17(火) 01:12:54.51
His gym body looks pretty healthy

20: 2017/10/17(火) 00:30:05.87
He's good at acting I want him to come back

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