Mogami Moga Comes Out as Bisexual


-Mogami appeared on the late night variety program, "Arita Teppei no Yume Nara Samenaide" and revealed that she is bisexual
-When asked what her ideal type is, she said "I've always liked normal girls since my teens"
-She spoke of a romantic episode with a female celebrity

2: 2017/10/18(水) 09:25:47.91
That, it's not bi, it's just a special sexual preference right?


3: 2017/10/18(水) 09:26:15.71
She certainly has that aura

4: 2017/10/18(水) 09:26:40.23
She's gradually going the disturbing route
Also she's almost 30 isn't she

6: 2017/10/18(水) 09:28:39.58
If it's just a kiss then she's not bi

17: 2017/10/18(水) 09:32:04.90
Definitely, if a kiss is bi then 80% of men are bi

7: 2017/10/18(水) 09:28:42.90
She said this before didn't she

8: 2017/10/18(水) 09:29:20.37
She's 30, mentally ill, refers to herself as "boku," is bi
We landed on a land mine here, thank you

10: 2017/10/18(水) 09:29:41.19
When you've gotten as far as you can go then say something

15: 2017/10/18(水) 09:31:54.84
The usual picture of her before plastic surgery

no title

16: 2017/10/18(水) 09:31:54.85
She's ugly

18: 2017/10/18(水) 09:32:44.85
It's Saori from Sekai no Owari right?

no title

20: 2017/10/18(水) 09:33:37.63
I thought it was the piano player from Sekai no Owari

21: 2017/10/18(水) 09:34:22.26
It's difficult to maintain that eccentric character huh

22: 2017/10/18(水) 09:34:33.99
If it's between girls then it happens often

25: 2017/10/18(水) 09:36:05.34
I don't believe people who say "I'm bi"

26: 2017/10/18(水) 09:36:10.75
Include some Ossans too

29: 2017/10/18(水) 09:38:00.71
How long is she going to keep referring to herself as boku

30: 2017/10/18(水) 09:38:56.79
She just wants attention so she's devoting herself to various gimmicks

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