Korean American Mizuhara Kiko in Tears: "Please Don't Hate Me"


On the 20, Mizuhara Kiko (27) updated her Twitter with "Being myself, and living honestly is this difficult."

"Tears fall from the morning. Today I am somewhat weak," she wrote. "Being myself, and living honestly is this difficult. But I don't like lies."

Soon one day, I want racism in this world and prejudice to disappear. And then, in order for people in the world to live like themselves no matter where they go, I will first be myself, have a strong heart from now on, and continuing living like this."

7: 2017/10/21(土) 11:13:41.45
Really annoying, like an excuse

9: 2017/10/21(土) 11:14:11.96
Apart from her nationality she wasn't really liked in the first place


10: 2017/10/21(土) 11:14:14.05
I get annoyed when I look at her

11: 2017/10/21(土) 11:14:27.47
Her face, body, and personality though...

13: 2017/10/21(土) 11:14:33.9
Korean American Mizuhara Kiko is a contradictory sentence

16: 2017/10/21(土) 11:15:12.39
This kind of person with her persecution complex is only being hated
The Koreans that come for sightseeing in Japan are pretty good people and they are not hated

19: 2017/10/21(土) 11:15:37.05
I don't especially hate her, but I don't especially like her

21: 2017/10/21(土) 11:15:39.27
She's not a beautiful woman or cute


27: 2017/10/21(土) 11:16:11.09
First of all she's no good as a person

28: 2017/10/21(土) 11:16:27.27
Korean person: "Living like myself" (Japanese name)

33: 2017/10/21(土) 11:17:01.45
But she's not Korean

32: 2017/10/21(土) 11:16:59.36
If you take away the Korean part and the American part you're just a gorilla so don't worry

35: 2017/10/21(土) 11:17:33.61
Huh? Where are her tears?

41: 2017/10/21(土) 11:18:14.75
Wouldn't she be happier to work in America or Korea?

42: 2017/10/21(土) 11:18:26.59
Even if she were Japanese she'd still get criticized

55: 2017/10/21(土) 11:19:44.59
She was smoking and drinking a lot when she was underaged
Japanese or not this kind of person will be hated

58: 2017/10/21(土) 11:19:57.06
If she stops writing poems her mentally state will probably get better

75: 2017/10/21(土) 11:21:38.62
No, tell your agency to give you more roles that are like yourself
If you only do roles that feel out of place then your antis will increase

136: 2017/10/21(土) 11:27:16.84
Seems shameless and it's probably an act

151: 2017/10/21(土) 11:28:25.88
But you are doing things that get you hate

199: 2017/10/21(土) 11:31:57.87
She's a beautiful woman
In her roles there are a lot of cool expressions but when she smiles she's cute

231: 2017/10/21(土) 11:33:45.63
If being hated by everyone is so bad then stop being a celebrity
It's too naive to only want the good things

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