Korean Actress Park Shin Hye is Too Cute

1: 2017/10/14(土) 13:50:05.481
She probably has plastic surgery but she is super cute

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2: 2017/10/14(土) 13:50:37.697
She's plastic isn't she

7: 2017/10/14(土) 13:50:52.128
She's Japanese-ish

8: 2017/10/14(土) 13:51:10.965
Up until now her pay in Japan has probably been better
So having an anti-Japanese sentiment would cause trouble

14: 2017/10/14(土) 13:52:31.901
Is the typical plastic surgery face changing?

16: 2017/10/14(土) 13:52:32.735
She has a face like a model for plastic surgery

17: 2017/10/14(土) 13:52:44.429
I like this kind of face

20: 2017/10/14(土) 13:53:28.57
Who cares about the face
For Korean idols the body is important

22: 2017/10/14(土) 13:54:06.974

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24: 2017/10/14(土) 13:55:51.125
The third one is awesome

28: 2017/10/14(土) 13:57:44.374
It's obvious she has plastic surgery on her nose
If she had plastic surgery without that weird feel to that it would be cute but hers has that weird feel to it

31: 2017/10/14(土) 13:59:22.552
Hallyu is gradually seeping in

33: 2017/10/14(土) 13:59:29.915
There's kind of no life in her eyes

25: 2017/10/14(土) 13:56:20.746
If someone is pretty then plastic surgery is okay

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