Kimi no Na Wa was a Plagiarized Movie

1: 2017/10/23(月) 14:44:43.331

3: 2017/10/23(月) 14:45:47.995
Yup that's right

4: 2017/10/23(月) 14:45:49.459
And? How much did it make?

5: 2017/10/23(月) 14:45:53.193
This is not good

6: 2017/10/23(月) 14:45:56.527
All of the anime with girls running are ripoffs

13: 2017/10/23(月) 14:47:53.240
So basically that was the base and they just made the movie on top of that?

14: 2017/10/23(月) 14:48:40.400
There are several works that are being talked about as ripoffs but
Honestly I don't know to what extent is anything safe

15: 2017/10/23(月) 14:49:23.602
Toki Kakeru is probably just a coincidence

no title

16: 2017/10/23(月) 14:50:17.239
Yeah yeah it's an homage

18: 2017/10/23(月) 14:51:27.430
Is there a possibility that the animators themselves stole plagiarized it?

22: 2017/10/23(月) 14:52:57.550
Did you forget the existence of storyboards?

24: 2017/10/23(月) 14:54:01.080
Okay so the person who did the storyboards did the plagiarizing?

20: 2017/10/23(月) 14:51:44.986
That's respect

21: 2017/10/23(月) 14:52:38.765
They're so similar it's shocking

23: 2017/10/23(月) 14:53:19.972
Director: "Here it will be like this"
Animator: "Okay!"
Animator: "I don't understand the storyboards"
Animator: "I know! Let's search for a similar anime scene and copy it!"

Was it basically like this?

25: 2017/10/23(月) 14:54:11.580
This is definitely something that can't be overlooked

28: 2017/10/23(月) 14:56:04.845
Getting found out and being in trouble is plagiarism, not being able to start without getting found out is a parody, and a homage is only for people who will get it

29: 2017/10/23(月) 14:56:17.929
Okay so a director's job is to find a good original and after that make a storyboard based on an existing anime and then pass that onto the animators

39: 2017/10/23(月) 15:56:42.675
Japs do nothing but rip everything off

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