Idols Don't Have Musical Talent?

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In music topics I often see comments that say "idols aren't needed on music programs."
Personally I think that is a terrible opinion, but what does everyone think about idols' music and music talent?
I listen to idols songs a lot. There are a lot of good songs.

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I love Johnny's ♡

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This topic will be a mess

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It's wrong that there are a lot of idols who reach number one in sales with the method of sales = handshake tickets and voting vouchers

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Idols had musical talent up until the 80s
Matsuda Seiko's album has been repackaged many times

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It's because idols are a group of people for the purpose of making unpopular ugly men happy...the musical talent is just an extra

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For example what is a good song?

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They had musical talent in the 70s and 80s. After that they have none

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There are people who come to Music Station to talk about music

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I don't think that they don't have musical talent, I listen to Johnny's too
But idols are idols and when they appear in a ranking that says singer I think "huh?"

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There's nothing but idols so they get criticized, that's all
There are tons of groups related to Johnny's and AKB
Those have decreased recently but Hallyu is getting annoying

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I want to see young cute girls rather than old obasans!


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There are ocassionally good songs
I liked the AKB song from the NHK morning drama

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I think there are idols with good songs but the number of idols has increased too much...

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I won't say they don't have musical talent at all, but it's just that since long ago I haven't liked idols songs

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Isn't it because the level of the idols has dropped?

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