How Kuraki Mai (34) Looks Nowadays

1: 2017/10/25(水) 20:52:31.67

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3: 2017/10/25(水) 20:53:13.66
She's basically like Utada Hikaru wwwwwwww

7: 2017/10/25(水) 20:53:59.20
It's a lie that she's 34
She was just 19 a minute ago

15: 2017/10/25(水) 20:55:12.71
She hasn't changed like I thought she would

24: 2017/10/25(水) 20:56:11.67
I want to marry her

28: 2017/10/25(水) 20:56:59.03
Kuraki Mai's victorious photo
She's a good singer too

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29: 2017/10/25(水) 20:57:09.00
I like Always

30: 2017/10/25(水) 20:57:11.64
To put it subtly I want to have sex with her

39: 2017/10/25(水) 20:59:08.04
I can't comprehend why she was popular and Shimatani Hiromi wasn't, this one can dance

41: 2017/10/25(水) 20:59:29.52
She's cute 😍

45: 2017/10/25(水) 20:59:59.81
Kuraki Mai in Fairy Tale was the best

46: 2017/10/25(水) 21:00:04.58
I somehow thought she was still young
Even though she's a singer from so far back that you wouldn't recognize her when you first see her

54: 2017/10/25(水) 21:01:57.96
She hasn't been popular outside of the Conan song

55: 2017/10/25(水) 21:02:33.52
She always shows her armpits

60: 2017/10/25(水) 21:03:57.08
I like that song where she laughs like ahahaha in the lyrics

60: 2017/10/25(水) 21:03:57.08
Seems like she'll be in Kohaku

70: 2017/10/25(水) 21:06:24.02
Her face looks like it's copying Utada Hikaru w

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84: 2017/10/25(水) 21:11:08.59
Prettier than she was in the past

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