Hey!Say!JUMP's Chinen Yuri and Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinakao Allegedly Dating


There is a big fuss over the texts that say Hey!Say!JUMP's Chinen Yuri and Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako are dating.

The leaked information is a screenshot of the text message that Kitano's friend sent: "Sorry for the sudden message. I'm a friend of Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako, and recently she has been dating Hey Say Jump's Chinen-kun, and I want it to be revealed that she has a secret social media account and she has been showing off and bad mouthing another member of Nogizaka, Saito Asuka. There is another person who seems to be a different member of JUMP so they must be pretty connected.

On what is thought to be Kitano's secret Twitter account, these are written: "I'm going out to eat with everyone again, sorry to all the Chinen's in the country www" "Asuka, when you became a member you were nice but it's annoying that it feels like you look down on me since you have been in the senbatsus a lot."

3: 2017/10/21(土) 05:39:36.02
Johnny wota's ability to gather information is next level

6: 2017/10/21(土) 05:42:18.51
Seriously? My Chinen-kun


7: 2017/10/21(土) 05:42:28.33
Kitano-san will soon be getting the sentence of being fired under the name of graduating

9: 2017/10/21(土) 05:44:04.88
Who and who

14: 2017/10/21(土) 05:47:00.05

15: 2017/10/21(土) 05:47:10.50
He eats curry by himself so it has come to this

19: 2017/10/21(土) 05:49:35.83
Don't cause a stir over the meaningless texts between these nobodies

23: 2017/10/21(土) 05:53:03.81
Chinen-kun will probably be called Chinen-kun for the rest of his life
Like Nakayama-kun

24: 2017/10/21(土) 05:53:44.66
So it has finally come out huh
It's the same as the information I heard

27: 2017/10/21(土) 05:57:54.86
If it's not an affair it's fine isn't it? Nogizaka all have a pure image so you can feel assured that it's not an affair

28: 2017/10/21(土) 05:58:17.84
> "Sorry for the sudden message. I'm a friend of Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako,"
Is the introduction to a scam or something w

30: 2017/10/21(土) 05:59:03.16
So this is what Bunshun said before the summer

38: 2017/10/21(土) 06:04:42.15
Hey Say Jump are guilty of various things so I'm not surprised


41: 2017/10/21(土) 06:05:48.45
This is celebratory news

45: 2017/10/21(土) 06:08:44.99
Who are the either of them

52: 2017/10/21(土) 06:12:39.55
Is there no photo like the one with Kashiwayi and Tegoshi

59: 2017/10/21(土) 06:18:51.96
There are a lot of Johnny's that go for ugly girls, why is that?
Even though they can date any beautiful girl they want it's a waste


61: 2017/10/21(土) 06:20:10.33
I'm surprised that the friendless Asuka-chan has a secret social media account

74: 2017/10/21(土) 06:27:07.02
Now I know that Saito Asuka is cute

78: 2017/10/21(土) 06:31:05.62
No one said that Nogizaka46 has a dating ban

84: 2017/10/21(土) 06:36:49.91
If they are really dating then it would be leaked to a weekly magazine and there would be pictures
A screenshot from the secret account would end all doubts

118: 2017/10/21(土) 06:57:59.31
Her true ambition was to date a Johnny
That is the ultimate dream of all girls in Japan

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