Goriki Ayame's "I Take Baths with my Father" Statement is Under Debate

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-On October 24th, Goriki appeared on the TV program "Sukkiri" via VTR. The situation between family members that she revealed has sparked debate. "I take baths with my family. I frequently bathe with my mother, and always with my father."

-This caused Twitter to be in an uproar. "No way no way," "Impossible," "Is this not impossible?" and "Gross."There were also people who expressed opinions like "Honestly I'm jealous," because she still gets along well with her father even though she's 25.

2: 2017/10/26(木) 23:21:28.68
Who is pleased with this information

146: 2017/10/27(金) 00:34:35.05

4: 2017/10/26(木) 23:21:47.14
If you become her boyfriend, you might be invited to the bath by her father too

6: 2017/10/26(木) 23:21:49.11
It's probably not the bathtub size that we're imagining

7: 2017/10/26(木) 23:22:19.23
She's been cute lately


11: 2017/10/26(木) 23:23:18.61
Gross family

12: 2017/10/26(木) 23:23:25.61
I only see her on the TV show Unbelievable

13: 2017/10/26(木) 23:24:25.01
You should leave this girl to me

25: 2017/10/26(木) 23:29:15.61
They might have a bath that's on the level of an onsen

28: 2017/10/26(木) 23:30:30.33
A father complex huh..
She'll probably run away from her marriageable age

33: 2017/10/26(木) 23:32:17.88
So she was still on TV

38: 2017/10/26(木) 23:34:10.04
I think there are some things in this world that you should not say


47: 2017/10/26(木) 23:37:40.02
She's a good girl

51: 2017/10/26(木) 23:38:44.28
But when she's past age 30 her father will probably say "You're at a good age now you should stop taking baths with me"

52: 2017/10/26(木) 23:39:02.04
This is the customs of another family's household who cares

59: 2017/10/26(木) 23:40:54.20
Even if it's a lie her father will take a lot of damage w

64: 2017/10/26(木) 23:43:17.83
If there's a problem with this then it lies in the father
It's like hurry up and let go of your child


93: 2017/10/26(木) 23:52:54.94
I hear from my daughter's friends that they take baths with their dads even when they reach middle and high school
They seem rich so they probably don't have tiny bathtubs like we do

48: 2017/10/26(木) 23:38:12.21
Hmm there are people like this
It's not normal, but I think it's a good thing that the family gets along so well

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