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I like Johnny's but, when I see them singing in a way that you can tell they're lip syncing even though they're not doing a particularly difficult dance, I get a bad feeling.
Since idols don't concentrate on singing ability, I want them to show a well put together performance that properly relates to the song.
Are you guys in the group that doesn't mind lip syncing at all?

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Are you talking about Yamashita?


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Maybe singing ability isn't really expected from Johnny's.

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I don't care, but I don't want them to pretend like they're artists

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I get it
I don't understand the meaning of "they're singing so they have to lip sync!"
I think "Isn't there more worth to dancing and singing at the same time?"

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I think there will be a topic about AKB's lip syncing.

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Do you mean Arashi?

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I watch them with expectations of lip syncing so I don't anticipate anything

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Arashi lip syncs but there are groups that don't lip sync too right?

11. 匿名 2017/09/30(土) 16:03:21  [通報]+95-109
I remember Yamapi's performance in Music Station

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Good singing ability isn't expected of AKB and Johnny's so whatever
If it's an artist that is good at singing then I want them to sing

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Arashi has good songs but they suck the fun out of it
Even if they are bad at singing like SMAP I want them to sing

16. 匿名 2017/09/30(土) 16:05:27  [通報]+287-12
When I watch lip syncing I feel disappointed.
Since they are performing on TV as professionals, I want to hear them sing live

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