Monday, October 30, 2017

14,000 People Gather for Watanabe Mayu's Last Handshake Event


-Watanabe Mayu (23) who will graduate from AKB48 this year, attended a handshake event.
-AKB, SKE and HKT combined had 176 members attend, with 14,000 fans gathered.
-Kashiwagi Yuki and Sashihara Rino also attended. Sashihara said "Mayuyu is like a Showa idol like Matsuda Seiko. She showed a perfect side of herself."

3: 2017/10/29(日) 08:24:49.72
I wonder if their hands swell?

4: 2017/10/29(日) 08:25:00.90
Don't be sitting down

6: 2017/10/29(日) 08:26:44.53
She's still 23? w


8: 2017/10/29(日) 08:28:49.68
1 second per person

11: 2017/10/29(日) 08:35:11.29
Garlic Nose-san is still there?


12: 2017/10/29(日) 08:35:54.04
Can they do handshakes with that many people?

16: 2017/10/29(日) 08:42:34.55
I thought she was the one with the most potential
I don't know a lot about AKB but it's a mystery why they didn't let her be in the front more

17: 2017/10/29(日) 08:42:48.42
If each person got 1 second then it would take 4 hours at the least. Even they did it with their hands and feet then it would take 1 hour

19: 2017/10/29(日) 08:46:36.71
Have her eyes gotten small?

22: 2017/10/29(日) 08:51:53.34
A Showa idol (old fashioned) or whatever
I don't have any interest in AKB but she was the cutest so this is disappointing


23: 2017/10/29(日) 08:52:46.94
Recently have they turned to the style of sitting down while doing handshakes?
Is she getting special treatment?

25: 2017/10/29(日) 08:57:10.62
1 second per person would be 14000 seconds

30: 2017/10/29(日) 09:09:40.85
Would you want to shake hands after she shook hands with some many people?


33: 2017/10/29(日) 09:20:48.24
Mayuyu is cute

38: 2017/10/29(日) 09:47:12.71
Did they finish in one day?

39: 2017/10/29(日) 09:57:10.80
The living hell of shaking hands with 10000 ugly men
What did she do in her previous life?

36: 2017/10/29(日) 09:43:27.81
It's not like 10,000 people gathered for her



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