Yamada Yu Worries Fans with Excessive Weight Loss

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ガリガリ過ぎ!山田優「じぶん史上最大の痩せ方」にファンも悲鳴!?(1ページ目) - デイリーニュースオンライン

4: 2017/09/01(金) 10:34:35.95

5: 2017/09/01(金) 10:34:41.47
That picture is so dark it's scary

6: 2017/09/01(金) 10:34:41.57
She looks like she's about to die
My grandma died like this

7: 2017/09/01(金) 10:35:16.02
Her legs are long
I'm jealous

8: 2017/09/01(金) 10:35:29.48
She  looks like a dying grandmother

10: 2017/09/01(金) 10:35:45.79
Her legs look like walking sticks

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13: 2017/09/01(金) 10:36:36.09
Now nice
I wanted to be born as someone with legs as long as Yamada Yu

16: 2017/09/01(金) 10:37:10.83
She was cute in the CM for Ringo Yogurt

18: 2017/09/01(金) 10:37:40.86
She has no appeal and is not someone to aspire to be
Just a flashy sick person

20: 2017/09/01(金) 10:37:50.18
Eating disorder
She needs to go to a hospital and get help


24: 2017/09/01(金) 10:40:13.41
If you saw her up close then it would be pretty amazing
All celebrities are like that
If you saw them in real life they would be stick skinny and gross looking

25: 2017/09/01(金) 10:40:19.16
This is normal for models right?
Jealous fatties are just saying she's too thin.

34: 2017/09/01(金) 10:42:49.94
This is not normal in a generation where models are getting attention worldwide for being too thin w

35: 2017/09/01(金) 10:43:04.17
This is not normal

26: 2017/09/01(金) 10:40:23.40

28: 2017/09/01(金) 10:40:57.63
She's about to die. She should stop being a model and become a designer or something. It's better if she doesn't do work that puts her in the public eye

29: 2017/09/01(金) 10:41:25.98
That's an anorexic body

36: 2017/09/01(金) 10:43:05.28
Just for reference
This is her younger days

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39: 2017/09/01(金) 10:44:57.93
She's pretty thin

45: 2017/09/01(金) 10:46:02.43
Not a big difference from now

81: 2017/09/01(金) 10:58:57.29
Her knees are mummifying...
This isn't right

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