Sunday, September 24, 2017

With SMAP and Amuro Namie Gone, Who Should Sing at the 2020 Olympics?

1: 2017/09/20(水) 23:25:17.51
What should we do?

2: 2017/09/20(水) 23:25:35.64

3: 2017/09/20(水) 23:26:03.22

5: 2017/09/20(水) 23:26:51.03
Team 8

6: 2017/09/20(水) 23:27:13.05
Tendou Yoshimi
A nationally known singer that anyone can agree with

10: 2017/09/20(水) 23:28:39.82
Arashi only

11: 2017/09/20(水) 23:28:44.65
The world's Utada Hikaru w

12: 2017/09/20(水) 23:28:56.59
Fujii Fumiya

14: 2017/09/20(水) 23:29:54.10
At Rio there were a lot of unknown people so if the singer is famous within the country that should be good enough

15: 2017/09/20(水) 23:30:05.76

16: 2017/09/20(水) 23:30:05.82
Takahashi Maasa

18: 2017/09/20(水) 23:31:09.40
We all know it should be Shiina Ringo

20: 2017/09/20(水) 23:31:36.17
Mizuki Nana

22: 2017/09/20(水) 23:31:58.89
No one should sing
It would be a disgrace
If they have to choose someone then classical or opera should work

24: 2017/09/20(水) 23:32:57.12
You guys should sing
Japan's representative otaku

25: 2017/09/20(水) 23:33:21.48
Hikawa Kiyoshi  Zundoko-bushi

26: 2017/09/20(水) 23:34:48.91
Their band name is Japan

27: 2017/09/20(水) 23:35:15.65
Hamada Mari

28: 2017/09/20(水) 23:35:34.17
Daichi Miura

29: 2017/09/20(水) 23:36:37.83
There's Loudness

30: 2017/09/20(水) 23:36:46.05
The thing that's popular around the world is anime so they should do a medley with the popular voice actors
Do popular game music with an orchestra
In the end a gundam or transformer would rise from the stadium
With that the world would celebrate

36: 2017/09/20(水) 23:41:07.08
If it were America there would be lots of stars

38: 2017/09/20(水) 23:41:32.96
Utada Hikaru

39: 2017/09/20(水) 23:42:03.42
Chemistry would be good

40: 2017/09/20(水) 23:42:04.12
Whatever Shiina Ringo or Yoshiki (keyboard) did at Kohaku

41: 2017/09/20(水) 23:42:04.22
No one would sing
The main attraction would be anime or traditional Japanese arts



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