Monday, September 11, 2017

Why Aren't Japanese Rappers Taken Seriously?

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1: 2017/09/08(金) 10:34:47.17
Are they really that lame?

2: 2017/09/08(金) 10:35:00.89


3: 2017/09/08(金) 10:35:30.74

4: 2017/09/08(金) 10:35:49.66
There are rappers that properly make songs
But the freestyles are generally crap


6: 2017/09/08(金) 10:37:37.89
The battles are particularly gross

7: 2017/09/08(金) 10:37:41.77
The most uncool thing in Japan are the Japanese rappers

9: 2017/09/08(金) 10:38:08.63
It's the same thing as foreigners wearing Japanese clothes; Japanese people will always suit Japanese clothing the best
Hip hop is for foreigners
Yellow Monkey is wack

11: 2017/09/08(金) 10:38:27.43
Aren't they just making fun of Japanese people?

12: 2017/09/08(金) 10:38:32.34
You could say it's uncool or that as a type of music it isn't quite complete

13: 2017/09/08(金) 10:38:53.91
I don't even know the difference between hip hop and rap

196: 2017/09/08(金) 11:06:53.08
Rap is a way of singing
Hip hop is a music drama

16: 2017/09/08(金) 10:40:04.08
The uncool image is deeply ingrained in rap
But in reality rap is pretty lame

20: 2017/09/08(金) 10:41:08.93
Because they're rapping in Japanese

22: 2017/09/08(金) 10:41:21.21
First of all the guys who do rap have appearances that won't be accepted in Japan
They just look like a bunch of weirdos that are showing off


23: 2017/09/08(金) 10:41:43.65
They fight each other with all these big words in a battle but if they meet each other anywhere else then they get along

29: 2017/09/08(金) 10:42:41.30
It's mostly Zeebra's fault


32: 2017/09/08(金) 10:43:29.25
Are there any rappers who don't suck? Is copying the original style of rap the only way to not suck?

37: 2017/09/08(金) 10:44:17.94
I like Chinza and ERONE

38: 2017/09/08(金) 10:44:24.53
It's a good industry where rappers get caught for drugs and are not able to appear on a public stage anymore~

43: 2017/09/08(金) 10:45:40.00
Japan's rap culture is just mass producing idiotic middle and high school students who act like they're all cool

45: 2017/09/08(金) 10:45:45.44
I misunderstood it but those guys act like they're not imitating rappers from overseas but are doing their own style
That's why it's so lame



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