Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tsuji Nozomi Receives Flood of Criticism for Picture with EXILE

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-The picture that Tsuji Nozomi (30) uploaded to her blog is getting attention. On the 26th, she uploaded a picture with Nesmith from Exile. 

-On her blog she wrote "I've known Nesu since before he was in EXILE so he's my friend for over 10 years. Nesu is without fail such a nice person that he's almost too nice. And today I received their new single. It appears that the tour will also be starting soon so I want to go with Ta-kun. 

-In regard to that post people on the internet have said "After Kanjani it's Exile huh..." "She's going to get free tickets again" "She's just bragging!"

2: 2017/09/27(水) 12:40:45.59
Then just don't look

4: 2017/09/27(水) 12:41:26.52
A celebrity that gets tons of blame no matter what she does

6: 2017/09/27(水) 12:43:37.63
Where is the flood of criticism?

7: 2017/09/27(水) 12:43:38.34
If you look at her blog just to post hate then she will earn money. Idiots


8: 2017/09/27(水) 12:47:15.76
She's not even really being criticized
The media just wants to right articles with Tsuji in them so they make it look like she's being heavily criticized with just a few comments

13: 2017/09/27(水) 12:52:50.18
Why is she seen as a beautiful woman...


14: 2017/09/27(水) 12:53:17.15
Kanjani's weird fans are just making a big deal out of it wwwwwww

15: 2017/09/27(水) 12:57:42.58
Why is she being criticized?
Johnny's hags, EXILE hags are crazy

16: 2017/09/27(水) 12:59:21.47
I don't understand why she's being criticized

18: 2017/09/27(水) 13:05:03.20
They're celebrities who have a connection so isn't this a normal thing?
I don't understand why she's being criticized

20: 2017/09/27(水) 13:09:15.49
She can post a pic with whoever she wants
Why do they want to write "flood of criticism" for every little thing

27: 2017/09/27(水) 13:37:17.15
I'm a woman but I don't understand why people criticize this person. 


28: 2017/09/27(水) 13:37:42.66
Don't get mad over something like free tickets
Tegoshi was caught saying on line "sorry I only got 100 free tickets this time!" you know

29: 2017/09/27(水) 13:39:26.14
Can't be helped
She just took a picture with her friend

33: 2017/09/27(水) 14:08:53.89
Tsuji and her husband haven't really had any news of infidelity right?

34: 2017/09/27(水) 14:13:56.17
Morning Musume likes the art of being criticized


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