The Selfie that Satou Takeru Took is Savage

1: 2017/09/07(木) 22:15:32.80 0
Hanabe Minami-chan...

no title

Pay attention to the left

no title

2: 2017/09/07(木) 22:16:57.69 0
Your usual ostracization


3: 2017/09/07(木) 22:17:14.27 0

7: 2017/09/07(木) 22:23:18.01 0
No matter how you think of it she couldn't be in the picture from that position

8: 2017/09/07(木) 22:23:26.26 0
There's a youtuber there

9: 2017/09/07(木) 22:31:41.39 0
Putting your face next to the feminine Chiba Yudai must embarassing

11: 2017/09/07(木) 22:35:36.56 0
Satou is too short

12: 2017/09/07(木) 22:36:23.38 0
Shirota Yuu is super scrunched over

14: 2017/09/07(木) 22:41:36.62 0
She is super beautiful
But she is already complete  so when she becomes an adult she'll just be another beautiful woman out of many
She's super pretty but has a really average face


16: 2017/09/08(金) 02:44:08.76 0
Chiba was so cute that she couldn't get close to him

17: 2017/09/08(金) 02:46:30.56 0
This girl is odd
That was rude to Chiba next to her


20: 2017/09/08(金) 06:23:51.21 0
I feel sorry for her but I laughed

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