Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Ranking of Best Looking Actors in their 20s

1. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:06:33 +153-1006
[ランキング] 結局一番イケメンだと思う20代俳優ランキング - gooランキング

1位 is Matsuzaka Tori


A lot of people think "He has genuine double eyelids" and "His face is put together well and gorgeous"

1位 Miura Haruma


A lot of women think he has skin that is pretty like ceramics and the type of face that gives you feels.

3位 Suda Masaki!


He's famous for having a fashionable sense of personal style.

4位 Okada Masaki


5位 Fukushi Sota


6位 Takeuchi Ryoma

7位 Kamiki Ryunosuke

8位 Yamazaki Kento

8位 Sakaguchi Kentaro

8位 Chiba Yudai

2. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:08:45  [通報]+490-247

3. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:08:47  [通報]+3010-520
I understand why Tori is there

4. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:08:50  [通報]+1603-362
Suda and Fukushi are wrong

6. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:08:54  [通報]+2949-82
Suda Masaki is a no

7. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:08:58  [通報]+941-9
Who's personal ranking is this?

8. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:01  [通報]+677-102
There are none. There were more ikemen in the past

9. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:05  [通報]+1634-376
I agree with number 1!

10. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:08  [通報]+1187-265
I sleep every night imagining Matsuzaka Tori
I like him!

11. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:21  [通報]+2506-27
Use a better looking picture for Miura...

14. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:32  [通報]+3268-85
Putting aside preferences, I think Okada Masaki has a good face

15. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:36  [通報]+2174-53
Beauty is subjective~

Okada Masaki

16. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:37  [通報]+742-33
Number 3 is awful

17. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:45  [通報]+2034-50
Matsuzaka Tori has a good personality and good manners, so that's an added bonus to his looks

18. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:45  [通報]+537-7
A tie for first place with 70 points...
Come back with a more proper ranking

19. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:48  [通報]+446-16
I object!

22. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:54  [通報]+603-275
Matsuzaka's teeth are a bit...
If his chin shrunk a bit then I would agree with him on this ranking

23. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:09:59  [通報]+333-10
There are two number 1's ww

25. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:10:26  [通報]+773-171

26. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:10:26  [通報]+657-105
What bout Yoshizawa Ryo?

27. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:10:39  [通報]+784-15
I haven't seen Miura Haruma lately

29. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:10:57  [通報]+613-66
Sakaguchi Kentaro? Is that thin face okay?

30. 匿名 2017/09/12(火) 12:10:58  [通報]+663-53
I think there is something off about Chiba Yudai
I think he has a cute face but because of that Moomin looking shape of his face he doesn't look handsome



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