Tanaka Koki Announces Disbandment of Band Inkt

1: 2017/09/01(金) 22:06:37.45 ID:CAP_USER9
Tanaka Koki's band INKT announced on September 1 that on this date, the band would disband. Tanaka commented "I have nothing but chagrin and regret."

Natural Ace stated "This was not an easy decision, and the members and the staff discussed this many, many times. We came to a final decision after a general consensus."

This is Tanaka's full statement:

To the people that cheered me on until now. To the people that supported me until now.
Thank you.

Promises that should be kept, dreams to be realized, I have lots of memories, and I have nothing but chagrin and regret that those dreams go halfway realized, but thanks to everyone and the members that I respect I have managed to enjoy many great days.

Those days were like a dream.

From now on, I feel that from the bottom of my heart I want to grow into a person thinks of the support that INKT received as something to be proud of.

Without change I request your support for SASSY,.mACKAz, and Kei.

2: 2017/09/01(金) 22:07:09.76 ID:fFlWdBcy0
Tanaka's hair is cut really short...

4: 2017/09/01(金) 22:07:35.02 ID:5Eu2yQdu0
Well copying One Ok Rock is no good

6: 2017/09/01(金) 22:08:16.95 ID:5dZnIVeF0
KAT-TUN member that admired One Ok Rock w

8: 2017/09/01(金) 22:08:48.11 ID:vtHO5ZOs0
And, what's the reason?

10: 2017/09/01(金) 22:09:10.63 ID:xFEhiDY+0
Who's fault is it?

164: 2017/09/02(土) 00:32:20.35 ID:KYRPkPBx0
I guess he doesn't understand it's his fault?

15: 2017/09/01(金) 22:10:33.19 ID:up111ZIS0
When I see things like this I think that One Ok Rock are a big deal after all...I don't listen to them though

26: 2017/09/01(金) 22:15:41.39 ID:5dZnIVeF0
They have a lot of good songs and I like that their lyrics are straightforward
Above all else the vocal is amazing
They sell themselves as a rock band but their ballads are really good so I recommend them

114: 2017/09/01(金) 23:32:47.59 ID:mOVScJWC0
One Ok Rock are a copycat band aren't they? w
What's great about them?
At one point Taka completely copied Justin Bieber's clothes and hairstyle it was was laughable

16: 2017/09/01(金) 22:11:58.46 ID:Z7k0KXTO0
So basically if he doesn't have Johnny's he's nothing w

17: 2017/09/01(金) 22:12:18.45 ID:S9rGVN1L0
The drummer was from High and Mighty Color right? I feel sorry for him to be caught up in the troubles of the singers

20: 2017/09/01(金) 22:13:52.10 ID:+HJKlQrf0
Even though it's his fault that things ended up like this he has no words of reflection
Of course it would have ended up like this

21: 2017/09/01(金) 22:14:00.21 ID:J9Zkyx7t0
He got what he deserved
Is there anything other than that?

22: 2017/09/01(金) 22:14:25.74 ID:Hon1jR+90
Tanaka is an idiot w

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