Sashihara Rino has Gotten So Much Plastic Surgery She's Unrecognizeable

1: 2017/09/12(火) 05:33:48.42
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no title 

7: 2017/09/12(火) 05:43:24.14
Monster of sadness~

8: 2017/09/12(火) 05:44:28.12
She's definitely done the corners of her eyes but I wonder if that's all?

12: 2017/09/12(火) 05:47:44.63
Since there is an increased amount of female fans more people are starting to think that this kind of thing is okay

13: 2017/09/12(火) 05:53:48.59
She's aiming for a higher rank than 8 w

17: 2017/09/12(火) 06:01:56.27
She just edited the picture with an app
She's cute enough with editing though...(///ω///)♪

27: 2017/09/12(火) 06:25:29.97
Since a while back Sashihara has been too desperate to show that she's cute
It's really cringy

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28: 2017/09/12(火) 06:29:17.93
She's actually dark skinned, has single eyelids and her nose is no good

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78: 2017/09/12(火) 08:42:27.83
I like her in the era

35: 2017/09/12(火) 06:42:00.01
If we're talking about Miyawaki she's so horrible you don't know who she is anymore

44: 2017/09/12(火) 07:09:59.96
Sashihara on TV
no title
She's cute isn't she

46: 2017/09/12(火) 07:11:23.60
Don't put that plastic surgery android Miyawaki and Sashihara together

49: 2017/09/12(火) 07:13:35.86
She's a waste of the theory that people with a refreshing face are better off not tampering with it

9: 2017/09/12(火) 08:14:11.36
You guys are posting photos with bad intent but she hasn't really changed that much

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no title

70: 2017/09/12(火) 08:21:09.51
Hmm Sashihara has gotten pretty

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73: 2017/09/12(火) 08:28:56.69
Sashihara stiffens up when she gets called out by Ariyoshi w

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80: 2017/09/12(火) 09:11:30.61
The result of an ugly girl having money

83: 2017/09/12(火) 09:54:14.35
Every time she fixes her nose she changes her hair color so it's easy to tell

114: 2017/09/12(火) 12:19:16.33
Sashihara has gotten pretty and she has the type of face that doesn't age
Yamamoto and Matsui have the types of faces that deterioriate
Now you can see the difference between them

116: 2017/09/12(火) 12:22:21.50
Even in videos that you can't edit Sashihara has become pretty

145: 2017/09/12(火) 15:14:36.81
no title

Shiraishi's complete victory

147: 2017/09/12(火) 15:38:41.53
no title

Complete victory

113: 2017/09/12(火) 12:18:25.65
Her makeup has become super heavy, that's it

149: 2017/09/12(火) 15:49:21.42
She's done her eyes, nose and chin

150: 2017/09/12(火) 15:50:37.84
And her lips

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