Nomura Shuhei Defends Mizuhara Kiko from Hate

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Tweet: I don't understand the meaning of saying you can't use a Japanese name because you're a foreigner.

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I hate them both

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Yeah yeah they get along well. You two go back to your country and continue there

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I hate Nomura

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It's not discrimination it's differentiation

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What if you went back home?

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Chons* should just go back to their home country!!!
*Racial slur against Koreans, similar to g**k in English

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Is he doing this on purpose?

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He's Chinese right

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Even if she receives support from him they'll just be a hated couple

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Having a stage name is fine.
What I think is not good is sometimes pretending to be Japanese, sometimes pretending to be Korean.

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Not something I'm concerned with

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I beg you please don't appear in Fragile
You two return to your country

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There are people who do bad things with a Japanese name!
That's no good, that sort of thing.

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Her Korean DNA is exploding


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Is he a quarter?
He's not completely Chinese?

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They're dating?

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While she's saying that discrimination is wrong this woman is using a Japanese name
I can't trust her

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So basically, the gist of it is "What if you use a name from your own country?"

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