Nogizaka46's Shiraishi Mai without Makeup

1: 2017/09/26(火) 08:41:15.49

no title

2: 2017/09/26(火) 08:41:41.47
That's definitely a lie

3: 2017/09/26(火) 08:42:00.89
Before makeup (after makeup)

4: 2017/09/26(火) 08:42:15.47
What's basic about this?

5: 2017/09/26(火) 08:42:22.81
The photo is altered so it looks like she has makeup on

9: 2017/09/26(火) 08:42:50.85
How is this no makeup?

11: 2017/09/26(火) 08:43:06.35
Her eyebrows are obviously drawn on

14: 2017/09/26(火) 08:43:41.37
It's before makeup but it's not a bareface

16: 2017/09/26(火) 08:44:37.72
And this is after makeup
She's transformed so much into a different person it's horrible

no title

20: 2017/09/26(火) 08:46:07.54
She looks way better before makeup though

26: 2017/09/26(火) 08:49:05.56
But she hasn't really changed that much?

17: 2017/09/26(火) 08:45:25.02
She might be beautiful but I don't feel any appeal from her

18: 2017/09/26(火) 08:45:28.23
Before makeup (used to appear on tv)
She did her own makeup didn't she

19: 2017/09/26(火) 08:46:04.88
I like her from this time

no title

23: 2017/09/26(火) 08:47:06.24
She clearly has makeup on lol

33: 2017/09/26(火) 08:52:03.61
She's cute

38: 2017/09/26(火) 08:53:47.13
This is the alien who likes mayonaise


46: 2017/09/26(火) 08:56:27.86
She's fully made up lol

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