Ninomiya Kazunari and Ex-girlfriend Nagasawa Masami Appearing in the Same Show Sparks Debate

Ninomiya Kazunari Faces Criticism for Appearing with Nagasawa Masami


-People have been debating Ninomiya Kazunari and Nagasawa Masami, who he previously dated, appearing together on the same episode of VS Arashi which aired on September 14.

 -Nagasawa revealed a time when she co-starred with Sakurai Sho. About him she said, "When I listened to him talk he was pretty laid back. He put on lip cream and I wondered if that was natural for him, or if he was just doing it for the role."

-But she co-starred with Ninomiya in 2005, and she did not speak of the drama "Yasahii Jikan" that is said to have sparked the relationship.

二宮和也と「元カノ」長澤まさみ共演に批判 - まいじつ 

4: 2017/09/15(金) 12:31:30.26
Learn from Nakai


5: 2017/09/15(金) 12:31:31.06
I didn't know that they dated

7: 2017/09/15(金) 12:32:30.01
Nino, who usually involves the guests assertively, spoke as little as Ohno does

10: 2017/09/15(金) 12:33:10.06
Does that mean Nino was dumped?

16: 2017/09/15(金) 12:34:40.70
Nagasawa is a carnivorous woman after all

17: 2017/09/15(金) 12:34:53.66
Hmm based off the atmosphere Nagasaw dumped him


22: 2017/09/15(金) 12:36:14.68
But she can't really openly say that she was his ex-girlfriend
It's not a thing that you can acknowledge right?

The thing I'm most interested in is Inoue Mao

24: 2017/09/15(金) 12:37:02.39
So that means they were super self conscious

26: 2017/09/15(金) 12:37:15.18
We don't know if they dated, and I'm not trying to protect Ninomiya but, if they talked about this like normal would Nagasawa be the one to act suspicious? In this situation, men can act calm but women are the ones who lack self control.

32: 2017/09/15(金) 12:40:06.49
If they're going to do this sort of thing then Ninomiya has no right to do variety
He's not fit to be a pro

38: 2017/09/15(金) 12:41:22.22
Nagasawa has a taller height

51: 2017/09/15(金) 12:46:55.49
What is up with Nino's attitude?
He's the first one I laughed at in Arashi

56: 2017/09/15(金) 12:49:09.88
Was he dumped or did he dump her?

60: 2017/09/15(金) 12:50:54.76
He was dumped
After that he dated Sasaki Nozomi and became shameless

74: 2017/09/15(金) 12:56:23.57
Nino was certainly acting unnatural

75: 2017/09/15(金) 12:56:26.78
They shouldn't have appeared together

77: 2017/09/15(金) 12:59:20.20
It might just mean that there is a possibility that Fuji cut that kind of scene?


86: 2017/09/15(金) 13:05:01.73
A top actress like Nagasawa wouldn't pay any mind to a man from her past

90: 2017/09/15(金) 13:10:03.14
If you watch this you'll see that every time Nagasawa talked Nino had a sour face, it was funny
It showed too much in his face and his attitude
Nagasawa was acting like normal

93: 2017/09/15(金) 13:11:45.94
They are both amazing for appearing together

96: 2017/09/15(金) 13:13:05.28
The discrepancy in the height

108: 2017/09/15(金) 13:20:55.74
His current wife might be jealous, so she didn't touch upon the subject too much
It's hard to be a popular man

91: 2017/09/15(金) 13:11:17.25
If they talked about it then people would criticize them anyway

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