Morita Go in His Golden Years Was Too Good Looking

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1: 2017/09/20(水) 06:43:16.46

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2: 2017/09/20(水) 06:43:40.69
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3: 2017/09/20(水) 06:43:53.85
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7: 2017/09/20(水) 06:46:20.64
He looks like Issa huh

13: 2017/09/20(水) 06:48:58.19
He has kind of a goofy face

4: 2017/09/20(水) 06:44:17.22
Actually I barely see him nowadays so I only have memories of his golden days

9: 2017/09/20(水) 06:47:33.58
When they debuted he was the most popular, now he is the one who has the least work

10: 2017/09/20(水) 06:48:19.79
He did something to his eyes

11: 2017/09/20(水) 06:48:27.01
20th Century are making a comeback now

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12: 2017/09/20(水) 06:48:54.95
Himeanole was good. For the first time in a while a movie surpassed the original

14: 2017/09/20(水) 06:49:51.23
He has single eyelids...
And he's living with that porn actress right?
Of course he'd be aired out by the industry

17: 2017/09/20(水) 06:51:15.66
Okada was a kid when they debuted huh...

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18: 2017/09/20(水) 06:52:03.46
That homeless look he has going on now is nice

19: 2017/09/20(水) 06:52:08.04
I only remember him from Gekka no Kishi
Hm? Or was that Nagase

22: 2017/09/20(水) 06:52:46.26
It was Morita

23: 2017/09/20(水) 06:53:57.08
Women who like this kind of look are fans of Exile

24: 2017/09/20(水) 06:54:00.03
Morita in Himenoale is really scary

26: 2017/09/20(水) 06:55:04.52
Morita and Miyake were really popular with girls..
Okada was a background character and wasn't really popular

15: 2017/09/20(水) 06:50:37.61
Morita Go adds flavor to his supporting roles so I like him for that

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