Saturday, September 16, 2017

Michishige Sayumi: The Reason Why Morning Musume has Lasted for 20 Years is Because I was There

Surprise Appearance at 20th Anniversary Event

-On the 14th, Morning Musume '17 held an event in the Tokyo for the 20th anniversary of their forming called "Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Event Let's Make it to Year 21!"
-The OG Michishige Sayumi made a surprise appearance, and when asked the reason why the group has continued for 20 years she answered "It's because for 12 years within the 20, I was there right?"

<道重さゆみ>モー娘。が20年続いた理由は「20年のうち12年私がいたから?」 (まんたんウェブ)

5: 2017/09/15(金) 00:19:37.18
She's not necessarily wrong

6: 2017/09/15(金) 00:20:49.72
Morning Musume was only relevant for the first 3-4 years, for the remaining they have been stagnant

8: 2017/09/15(金) 00:22:39.43
But only the first 4-5 years have left the strongest impression

9: 2017/09/15(金) 00:23:32.62
Michishige likes those robot-like dances


11: 2017/09/15(金) 00:28:59.10
That's right
When the one called Zukki left the group it became a group of nobodies

17: 2017/09/15(金) 00:35:08.65
I like this character

20: 2017/09/15(金) 00:39:50.73
Since Yaguchi is not there anymore no one cares wwwwwwwwwwwwww

23: 2017/09/15(金) 00:42:55.51
She's pretty cute

28: 2017/09/15(金) 00:46:42.29
It's like she tried to say something good but didn't end up saying as good as she thought

31: 2017/09/15(金) 00:52:50.90
Well that's the reason why the continued for 20 years

32: 2017/09/15(金) 01:02:22.55
Michishige is a 28 year old obasan

33: 2017/09/15(金) 01:04:27.66
What has she been doing?

34: 2017/09/15(金) 01:06:13.41
She got old

37: 2017/09/15(金) 01:13:13.27
It's because Nabe Atsumi and Michishige were there
There have continuously been ugly girls joining so I've grown cold to them

39: 2017/09/15(金) 01:14:54.42
Gomaki entered and they started to become popular, and when Gomaki left they didn't disband and continued for 20 years

50: 2017/09/15(金) 01:28:13.84
Because they didn't disband
There is no other reason

55: 2017/09/15(金) 01:36:34.27
This girl is beautiful

68: 2017/09/15(金) 03:00:19.01
She's pretty so she's right

78: 2017/09/15(金) 03:34:20.83
She's cute but she's wrong

It's Gomaki

79: 2017/09/15(金) 03:42:35.82
They're surviving off the savings of the first 4 years of the group
Nacchi and Gomaki were iconic



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