Matsumoto Jun's Appeal is too Amazing


Matsumoto Jun, The True Appeal of Looking Good in Wherever he is Filmed

-The side of himself that Matsumoto Jun showed at the premier for the movie that he starred in was not that of a top idol, but that of an actor, the appeal of an adult man. 

-On the red carpet, he interacted with fans with a smile. There were cheers of support for him from start to end. 

嵐・松本潤、一人の男としてどこを取っても格好良く映る真の魅力 役者歴20年 (MusicVoice) - Yahoo!ニュース

2: 2017/09/14(木) 09:53:18.02
That's because he looks the same wherever you film him
Whenever he acts it's the same, just like KimuTaku
Ninomiya and Kusanagi are better than him as actors

130: 2017/09/14(木) 11:19:21.22
This is true
The basics of Johnny's

6: 2017/09/14(木) 09:56:04.80
No he just looks gross wherever you see him
His face and his existence are gross


38: 2017/09/14(木) 10:09:06.51
This is true

45: 2017/09/14(木) 10:13:39.22
At any rate his face, existence and disposition are gross to the point of vomiting

8: 2017/09/14(木) 09:56:30.76
He looked cool drinking beer though~
Did he lose that CM?

11: 2017/09/14(木) 09:57:50.35
He has a face like a neanderthal

16: 2017/09/14(木) 09:59:22.19
Actor× Talento○

21: 2017/09/14(木) 10:02:01.43
Cheers of way

29: 2017/09/14(木) 10:05:04.42
What this guy started was Piss Jun


32: 2017/09/14(木) 10:06:33.07

40: 2017/09/14(木) 10:09:20.31
There are lots of guys that want to become cool and want to become popular but I don't there's any guys that want to become like MatsuJun w

48: 2017/09/14(木) 10:14:56.48
He's really gross
He's always smiling wide so I wonder if he's thinking of something dirty
Only this guy has been protected by television stations even to the point of his CMs. They're just trying to brainwash the public with this unbelievable image

50: 2017/09/14(木) 10:15:05.97
The jealousy of you ugly people is insane w

53: 2017/09/14(木) 10:17:26.38
No no no no no
Lowlife Jun w


63: 2017/09/14(木) 10:20:49.73
Aoi Tsukasa is better at acting
*The porn star that he is rumored to be dating

67: 2017/09/14(木) 10:22:41.24
She violently wants to pee

46: 2017/09/14(木) 10:14:07.29
He won't get any offers for CMs relating to drinks w

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