Mastumoto Jun Losing CMs? The Reason Why He Suddenly Lost Favor with the Public

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嵐・松本潤にCM降板が相次ぐ異変?急速に好感度を失ってしまった背景(1ページ目) - デイリーニュースオンライン

CM contracts are a barometer used to measure how favorable a celebrity is seen with the public. Then why did such a popular person suddenly loose favor with the public? About losing the CMs, a report specializing in Johnny's pointed out "the leak of information about secret meetings with Aoi" may have had something to do with it.

On a variety program, Aoi answered a question as if to hint at Matsumoto, and said "He smells the odor of my underwear," which caused viewers to be shocked. On the internet, there were a flood of harsh comments connecting that with Matsumoto's diaper CM.

"It seems like the contract with Elleair was full in August, but suddenly on the Johnny's website, content about Elleair was suddenly deleted. This means that Matsumoto lost his diaper CMs. Either way, there are people who want him to step down and people who predict that he will step down, and you can't say that the Aoi situation had nothing to do with it."


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He got what he deserved

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This isn't sudden

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He's lost favor with the public because he was running with AV actresses while still dating Inoue Mao

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Golden shower

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Isn't that because there has been an increase in male actors other than Johnny's that are refreshing and have a favorable impression with the public?
His salary is unnecessarily high

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He's not even that much of a good guy so who cares

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Of course it's impossible for someone who has the image of drinking urine attached to them to appear in a diaper CM

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The person he was dating was bad

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Because people found out about Piss Jun

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Dishonest, unclean

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I feel sorry for that baby getting held by someone who slept with an AV actress


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First of all, I always had a bad feeling about MatsuJun appearing in a diaper CM so I want him to stop. It doesn't fit his character

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Did he drink urine?

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They must have gotten a lot of complaints so that can't be helped

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But he's a pervert who drank pee

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