Imai Tsubasa Allegedly to Leave Johnny's and Follow Inagaki, Kusanagi and Katori

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今井翼「ジャニーズ脱退」決意 稲垣、草なぎ、香取と合流

It is said that Imai couldn't turn a blind eye to the controversy surrounding rumors of disbandment.

"It appears he said to Julie "It would be strange to disband." Why did Julie answer by handing him the 10 page interviewing that as in Bunshun? Imai-san will say what he thinks in regards to things that are crooked, even if the other person is above him. He apparently argued a lot with Julie."

Imai respected SMAP from the beginning so he couldn't take the fact that SMAP disbanded in such an unreasonable manner. The members who left arranged the time that they were going to leave beforehand so it is no coincidence that Tackey and Tsubasa showed signs of quitting.

So that means that of course, there is a possibility for Imai's withdrawal.

"The place that he plans to go to is Karen. Imai is already prepared. Perhaps he will focus his activities to the internet like the SMAP members."

今井翼「ジャニーズ脱退」決意 稲垣、草なぎ、香取と合流へ

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I'm worried about Takizawa-kun!

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Tell us when he's finally decided.

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 I wonder if that's why he was teary eyed on Music Station.

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Tokyo Sports huh.
They're going to break up

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On Oshareism he said he didn't feel like himself in Johnny's

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It's a shame that Tsubasa-san is getting involved in this along with Nakatani Miki and Mizukawa Asami

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I think that's good

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I think it's good! Try your best!

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Really? Make a topic when it's actually decided

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The beginning of the destruction of Johnny's...

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Tokyo sports


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For real?

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Recently Imai Tsubasa was on Oshareism with Fujiki Naohito and seemed to be having fun.
He seems like he has a good personality so I thought well of him.
Try your best!

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Hmm, well he's not really Johnny's like

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I guess it's a system where if you fight back against Queen Julie then you get banished from the Johnny's kingdom

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I wonder if there will be more and more from now on?

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