Sunday, September 17, 2017

If Arashi and AKB Released a Single on the Same Day Who Would Reach Number 1?

1: 2017/09/15(金) 08:07:12.85 0
Objectively, what do you think?

2: 2017/09/15(金) 08:08:27.23 0
Johnny wotas will buy like their life depends on it in order to win

4: 2017/09/15(金) 08:26:06.26 0
But Arashi don't do handshakes though

5: 2017/09/15(金) 08:28:18.92 0
The fight is in the numbers

6: 2017/09/15(金) 08:29:46.89 0
Arashi, who sell without the handshake tickets, are the true national idols

7: 2017/09/15(金) 08:30:07.69 0
Arashi in their golden age wouldn't even win against AKB now

8: 2017/09/15(金) 08:31:29.97 0
I don't know any Arashi songs

10: 2017/09/15(金) 08:36:15.29 0
Johnny is too lame for always running from AKB wwwwwwwwww

14: 2017/09/15(金) 09:32:31.16 0
V6 oftens releases on the same day as AKB

11: 2017/09/15(金) 08:37:32.54 0
Hello Project trash Ojisan: "I thought that if there were handshake tickets then we would sell a million like AKB..."

15: 2017/09/15(金) 09:44:06.71 0
Without doubt it would be AKB trash

16: 2017/09/15(金) 10:10:44.97 0
Even if they don't do handshakes there are lots of Johnny fans who buy multiple copies so even if they added the handshakes I don't think they would sell that much more

18: 2017/09/15(金) 11:30:12.13 0
Even if Arashi added handshake tickets to their singles I can't imagine that they would sell hundreds of thousands but I don't think they would be that much of an opposition and even without special extras added on I don't think there would be that much of a difference if just the wotas bought the single
So normally I would go with AKB



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