Sunday, September 3, 2017

"Genderless Boys" Are Popular Among Young People

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1: 2017/09/02(土) 09:21:04.608

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7: 2017/09/02(土) 09:23:02.684
Psychologically speaking their existence is unpleasant

20: 2017/09/02(土) 09:28:23.929
I'm a man but I admire men's muscles after all


21: 2017/09/02(土) 09:29:36.044
If you bleach your hair too much you'll go bald
You won't be able to keep this up when you're 40

22: 2017/09/02(土) 09:31:26.013
If you bump his shoulder he'll probably break a bone

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no title 

25: 2017/09/02(土) 09:41:28.114
I like it

29: 2017/09/02(土) 09:49:05.120
If you kick one of these guys once they'll bawl like a baby

30: 2017/09/02(土) 09:51:06.080
They'll probably have a mental illness when they get older

31: 2017/09/02(土) 09:53:45.004
They're just obsessed with being different than everyone else
They'll probably be averse to being grouped together like this

33: 2017/09/02(土) 10:00:41.110
I don't understand what the difference between this and vkei is...

34: 2017/09/02(土) 10:08:01.350
Will this be a revival of Kuroyume?


27: 2017/09/02(土) 09:44:22.866
I think that men that are dependable are the types that will be popular with women


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