EXILE TAKAHIRO and Takei Emi to Get Married, Expecting First Child

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TAKAHIROと武井咲、きょう入籍で結婚を発表へ「来年の春にはママに」 | 週刊女性PRIME [シュージョプライム] | YOUのココロ刺激するwww.jprime.jp
9月1日、EXILEのボーカルTAKAHIROと武井咲が都内某所で入籍した。出会いは、'14年に放送されたドラマ『戦力外捜査官』(日本テレビ系)。翌年に放送された同ドラマのスペシャル版で再会すると急速に仲が深まっていったという。 ふたりの目撃情報が頻繁に出るようになったのはちょうどこのころで、'15年4月には写真誌が武井の自宅マンションを訪れるTAKAHIROの姿を捕えている。

The couple are expected to get married publicly but, "It seems that Takei Emi is pregnant. Next year she will become a mother in the spring." (Entertainment writer)

EXILE HIRO and his wife Ueto Aya will certainly celebrate the marriage of his beloved kohai.

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I'm shocked!

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Huh, really??

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Is it a shotgun wedding? Is this okay when the drama is still airing?

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A shotgun wedding huh

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A shotgun wedding? Congratulations!

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This is shocking!!

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They'll probably divorce

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Somehow I don't think they are fit for each other

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For real?!!

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If this is true, congrats!

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Shotgun wedding?

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Takei Emi is pregnant?

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Another shotgun wedding huh

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Will he let her keep it?

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What waste, Takei Emi-chan....

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What about Itano Tomomi?

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