Tuesday, August 22, 2017

X JAPAN's Yoshiki Becomes First Japanese Man to Grace Cover of Vogue Japan


2: 2017/08/21(月) 11:51:34.98
More importantly than that put out an album

3: 2017/08/21(月) 11:51:40.59
His face is huge

4: 2017/08/21(月) 11:51:45.28
Is he changing his image?
no title

6: 2017/08/21(月) 11:53:08.72
Everything this guy does is stale

9: 2017/08/21(月) 11:54:54.92
Is he David Bowie or something?

12: 2017/08/21(月) 11:55:37.12
Is his face long or is it huge?
And then there's this cover that I don't understand w

22: 2017/08/21(月) 12:02:09.98
What is this middle aged man over 50 doing?

28: 2017/08/21(月) 12:03:35.34
The first Japanese man to cover Vogue is a 50 year old Yoshiki..
Japan is over

31: 2017/08/21(月) 12:04:57.98
He unexpectedly has a model face


35: 2017/08/21(月) 12:08:36.30
What the heck is this makeup w

42: 2017/08/21(月) 12:13:07.26
What's happening with his actual job

no title

43: 2017/08/21(月) 12:13:41.63
Please put out an album next year

48: 2017/08/21(月) 12:19:03.74
When he slicks his hair back his hairline looks troubling

no title

60: 2017/08/21(月) 12:31:42.30
In the Japanese publication there weren't any Japanese men huh
Yoshiki is amazing



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