Sunday, August 27, 2017

Viewers are Pissed Off that the Hollywood Version of Death Note is Too Idiotic


"All of the Characters are Incompetent"

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4: 2017/08/26(土) 02:48:07.85
Apart from the manga all of the Death Note adaptions have been trash

6: 2017/08/26(土) 02:51:01.65
The Japanese television drama version was pretty bad too


7: 2017/08/26(土) 02:53:02.84
This is like a Hollywood version that Japanese people thought of as a joke 
But it's not a joke though

8: 2017/08/26(土) 02:53:27.12
There are a surprisingly large amount of hit or miss Netflix movies


9: 2017/08/26(土) 02:53:55.87
Putting a battle of the minds on screen is fairly difficult
They forcefully added movements and it just failed

15: 2017/08/26(土) 02:57:30.30
Oddly enough the director tried to make it geared towards teens
Even though at the time the manga was in a shounen magazine in a position of trying to be a seinen manga


19: 2017/08/26(土) 03:08:42.35
That time when we had a blast with Busa Busa...

20: 2017/08/26(土) 03:10:38.23
Toda Erika was too cute

25: 2017/08/26(土) 03:20:09.52
Just read the damn original


31: 2017/08/26(土) 03:23:03.49
Oooh a Netflix movie...they're all trash

36: 2017/08/26(土) 03:45:10.15
The original was pretty idiotic so if the shoe fits

39: 2017/08/26(土) 03:52:21.67
I watched a war drama on Netflix and no one had a helmet on LOL

49: 2017/08/26(土) 04:32:42.14
They just made a shitty movie for kids

52: 2017/08/26(土) 04:38:11.86
I don't know the original so this looks pretty enjoyable


53: 2017/08/26(土) 04:38:43.25
You can talk when something has surpassed Dragonball Evolution

62: 2017/08/26(土) 04:57:33.14
So basically this is a horror action that reeks of Hollywood for people like me who don't know the original to enjoy.
They made this for people like me who don't know anything in the world.  hq720

68: 2017/08/26(土) 05:21:08.47
If its that bad then I feel like I want to see it


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