Tuesday, August 8, 2017

TWICE's High Touch Event


1: 2017/08/06(日) 23:43:45.85
On the 5th at the Tokyo event center
no title

On the 6th at the Osaka event center
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2: 2017/08/06(日) 23:44:19.74
If it were AOA then I would want to go

3: 2017/08/06(日) 23:44:28.35
Are all of the people here going to do a high touch?

7: 2017/08/06(日) 23:44:59.51
AOA were forbidden from entering the country

9: 2017/08/06(日) 23:45:06.03
All of the people there are zainichi Koreans I bet

21: 2017/08/06(日) 23:48:21.21
I wanted to go

26: 2017/08/06(日) 23:48:46.25
They'll lose their fingerprints

27: 2017/08/06(日) 23:48:49.94
Seems hot

28: 2017/08/06(日) 23:48:52.17
I like Tsuyu. Momo probably stinks

34: 2017/08/06(日) 23:49:54.05
Twice's visuals wwwwwwwww

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40: 2017/08/06(日) 23:50:57.71
Not cute at all

44: 2017/08/06(日) 23:51:26.06
Tsuyu's cuteness is....the best!

52: 2017/08/06(日) 23:52:57.27
Tsuyu is freaking cute

61: 2017/08/06(日) 23:53:15.56

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no title 
no title 
no title

65: 2017/08/06(日) 23:54:06.91
Their bodies are too nice

67: 2017/08/06(日) 23:54:43.55
Speaking of which aren't there a lot of females at the event?

68: 2017/08/06(日) 23:54:48.96
Korean people all of have plastic surgery so there is an unspoken to not leak yearbook photos

85: 2017/08/06(日) 23:56:33.87
Sana is super cute

97: 2017/08/06(日) 23:58:01.17
no title

Yukirin could take all of this on by herself

102: 2017/08/06(日) 23:58:23.02

25: 2017/08/06(日) 23:48:44.43
It's amazing that Japanese people are in there too
Or so I think


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