The Latest Pictures of Jin Akanishi

1: 2017/08/20(日) 17:19:08.74
He's become such a freakin' ikemen lol

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2: 2017/08/20(日) 17:19:50.29

4: 2017/08/20(日) 17:20:46.32
Is his chin crooked?

6: 2017/08/20(日) 17:21:19.22
Even if his chin is crooked he's still an ikemen...

bandicam 2017-08-20 18-32-36-467
bandicam 2017-08-20 18-32-23-651

5: 2017/08/20(日) 17:21:16.13
He's gotten old
He's already over 30!

9: 2017/08/20(日) 17:23:40.72
They have a really good friendship
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11: 2017/08/20(日) 17:24:17.95
His English is really good
Native level

17: 2017/08/20(日) 17:25:13.43
I liked Akanishi

20: 2017/08/20(日) 17:25:46.85
They're really good friends

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14: 2017/08/20(日) 17:25:02.60
Just as they were getting married his wife started to lose work, how sad

19: 2017/08/20(日) 17:25:35.17
He's too good looking lol

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