Tanaka Koki Faces Wave of Criticism for Not Hiding Tattoos

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Tanaka went to the Country-wide High School Baseball Championships at Koushien stadium to support his brother. Even though Tanaka showed full support for this brother, he was still criticized on the internet. That was because he did not hide the tattoos on both arms. 

People said that wearing short sleeves was not appropriate for high school baseball. Comments were made such as "That is the wrong place," "It doesn't suit the image of Koushien," and "Why doesn't he hide them?"

3: 2017/08/16(水) 01:54:13.25
Starting with Messi there are a lot of foreign athletes that have tattoos. 
I don't really care about another person's identity

12: 2017/08/16(水) 01:57:20.87
Ultimately people who have tattoos tend to be on the bad side so they have that kind of image, and Tanaka himself is all over the place


14: 2017/08/16(水) 01:58:00.66
Nowadays, are people who are making a fuss over tattoos going to make a fuss during the 2020 Olympics? Half of the foreign athletes have tattoos

18: 2017/08/16(水) 01:58:38.13
I don't really care
I wouldn't get tattoos though

21: 2017/08/16(水) 01:59:06.81
If this kind of guy were next to me in the stands that wouldn't be good

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25: 2017/08/16(水) 02:00:03.00
Nonsense from old people

31: 2017/08/16(水) 02:01:28.32
Old fashioned geezers who are criticizing tattoos wwwww

37: 2017/08/16(水) 02:03:29.48
Even in America tattoos are banned where police can see them

38: 2017/08/16(水) 02:03:29.93
If he had uploaded it himself that would be one thing, but he was secretly photographed by someone else and is still being criticized

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68: 2017/08/16(水) 02:10:26.49
If it were Justin then that's okay

72: 2017/08/16(水) 02:11:15.18
I won't say not to get tattoos, but I don't think they shouldn't be shown

84: 2017/08/16(水) 02:13:27.61
He wanted to show them off, so he wore short sleeves
Look at me, look at me

92: 2017/08/16(水) 02:14:37.06
The spectators don't really care
I think he's amazingly stupid though

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97: 2017/08/16(水) 02:15:06.67
People who have tattoos "People are more than just the outside, it's the inside that counts" wwww

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