Sutou Ririka to Retire from Entertainment Industry After Marriage Scandal

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1: 2017/08/02(水) 21:07:45.62
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I am glad that I was able to meet NMB48. Here there was nothing but love. There was nothing but love here!! Please welcome my best anti Naiki.[Honestly not sure what the context of this sentence is, so it is translated literally.]  I will get my Phd in Germany. NMB48 Team N Sutou Ririka

2: 2017/08/02(水) 21:08:49.40
More random stuff coming from her mouth 

5: 2017/08/02(水) 21:10:35.16
In a way she's enforcing her character until the end

4: 2017/08/02(水) 21:10:03.97
Huge lies until the end w

6: 2017/08/02(水) 21:10:36.16
Absolutely impossible. How about a Japanese college?

7: 2017/08/02(水) 21:10:49.00
She doesn't understand how difficult it is to get a Phd

9: 2017/08/02(水) 21:11:13.34
She doesn't understand what she's saying

10: 2017/08/02(水) 21:11:15.10
Even though she's getting married she doesn't live with the guy huh


12: 2017/08/02(水) 21:11:59.92
At the very least you have to be proficient in English or German 
She's lying anyway so 

14: 2017/08/02(水) 21:12:32.89
She just wants to be thought of as smart by others

18: 2017/08/02(水) 21:12:52.65
What will her husband do

20: 2017/08/02(水) 21:13:10.30
Full of lies as usual

21: 2017/08/02(水) 21:13:11.01
They're really racist against Japanese people in Germany

30: 2017/08/02(水) 21:14:35.69
No way no way w
This chick is stupid.

36: 2017/08/02(水) 21:15:44.19
She's anything from smart so her stupidity has just been revealed to all of Japan

37: 2017/08/02(水) 21:15:46.37
This chick spreads lies with no problem

44: 2017/08/02(水) 21:16:28.09
Is she not going to get married? w

45: 2017/08/02(水) 21:16:35.40
Huh? Is she going to get married?

49: 2017/08/02(水) 21:17:47.83
What is up with this chick is chick is she stupid?

52: 2017/08/02(水) 21:18:24.91
Everything this girl says is a lie
A human made of %100 lies

59: 2017/08/02(水) 21:19:55.27
There's no one who believes her right? w
She probably doesn't believe herself

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