Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Serina Completely Disappeared From TV

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1: 2017/07/30(日) 02:31:23.51

2: 2017/07/30(日) 02:31:52.44
Well her voice

3: 2017/07/30(日) 02:31:53.09
There was no more demand for her


7: 2017/07/30(日) 02:32:11.35
Because she dated Ohkura and pissed of Johnny-san

21: 2017/07/30(日) 02:35:36.66
Seriously? Johnny and Ohkura are the worst

9: 2017/07/30(日) 02:32:30.56
I liked her though

10: 2017/07/30(日) 02:32:44.25
She used to be in AKB's sister group


13: 2017/07/30(日) 02:33:17.74
Her personality was too horrible

16: 2017/07/30(日) 02:33:52.09
She's a night walker

18: 2017/07/30(日) 02:34:58.07
Apart from her appearance she's trash

20: 2017/07/30(日) 02:35:28.75
Was her personality that bad?

23: 2017/07/30(日) 02:36:46.51
Serina Williams

24: 2017/07/30(日) 02:37:16.10
Isn't it because of her age? Because there were a lot of young talents like that she disappeared

26: 2017/07/30(日) 02:38:54.35
There was simply no more demand for her. What are the likes of Kanbe Ranko doing now?

27: 2017/07/30(日) 02:39:01.86
Because her hormones were no longer effective


33: 2017/07/30(日) 02:42:09.20
I have a feeling that the weird way of talking became popular because of her

34: 2017/07/30(日) 02:42:36.45
She had some sort of rumors with Nagatomo

37: 2017/07/30(日) 02:43:50.18
Her voice was really dirty

38: 2017/07/30(日) 02:44:23.74
Sato Shiori is in that position now

39: 2017/07/30(日) 02:44:30.62
Is there anyone who thought that she wouldn't disappear?

25: 2017/07/30(日) 02:38:38.71
She has a really great body though


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