Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ranking of Male Celebrities You'd be Surprised are 30 and above

1: 2017/08/07(月) 00:44:41.38 ID:CAP_USER9

1位 Enari Kazuki
2位 Yamashita Tomohisa
3位 Koike Teppei
4位 Wentz Eiji
5位 Kamenashi Kazuya
6位 Fujigaya Taisuke Kis-My-Ft2
7位 Hoshino Gen
8位 Oda Nobunari
9位 Nishijima Takahiro AAA
10位  Kitayama Horimitsu Kis-My-Ft2

3: 2017/08/07(月) 00:46:10.34 ID:65jLTxmL0

I was surprised at Kisumai

4: 2017/08/07(月) 00:47:37.62 ID:ceeX/MJY0
Better yet I was disturbed by that fact that Enari Kazuki is still 32

5: 2017/08/07(月) 00:48:19.71 ID:lTz37NIa0
If you say over 30
Then that would be Johnnies talents right?
Those guys looks so far from their age it's actually gross

9: 2017/08/07(月) 00:50:13.01 ID:XLXqkM9e0
Miyake Ken is just abnormally young looking

13: 2017/08/07(月) 00:54:33.52 ID:+vU4b+6a
Enari has an old man face when he was a child actor so this is right on the money w
Most Johnny's are just fooling us with their hairstyles. 

20: 2017/08/07(月) 01:05:30.05 ID:8ILJ1vkU0
But they all look like they're over 30 though

23: 2017/08/07(月) 01:14:02.11 ID:uAGrKFZ30
Hoshino Gen is a regular older guy w

24: 2017/08/07(月) 01:14:36.75 ID:NKUKNWxi0
What about Arashi?

27: 2017/08/07(月) 01:30:06.90 ID:WD30l7gV0
This is not surprising
They all look 30

29: 2017/08/07(月) 01:30:36.09 ID:fZH/dBbh0
Yamashita is aging quickly and his teeth are dirty so he looks appropriate for his age

33: 2017/08/07(月) 02:06:28.43 ID:WyzV0i310
Enari Kazuki
Kamenashi Kazuya
Hoshino Gen
Oda Nobunari

These guys all look over 30 w
If they don't look it you then there's something wrong with your eyes

40: 2017/08/07(月) 02:48:51.86 ID:lAM5WrW90
If you told me they were in their 20s I'd be surprised
If they are in their early 30's then they look exactly their age

44: 2017/08/07(月) 03:19:29.33 ID:jqCQFLin0
Does that mean that Hoshino Gen is younger than you though? Before NigeHaji he always appeared on Tamori Club, but he has come to look like he's in his 30's

45: 2017/08/07(月) 03:20:40.55 ID:kf9ZgfeS0
Even though the lifespan for female idols is short, I guess the lifespan for male idols is long

47: 2017/08/07(月) 04:06:26.48 ID:Ar9JwFYd0
Kisumai's ages are surprising
I thought they were young and just debuted but they are already 30

54: 2017/08/07(月) 06:37:45.89 ID:O43jhFbr0
Wentz does not age huh

62: 2017/08/07(月) 07:05:13.01 ID:FWF3Nclv0
More importantly than that
There is a much larger shock at the foreigners who you would think are in their mid-30's but turn out to be in their 20's
I was really surprised that One Direction were in their 30's even though they were really in their 20's
Foreigners age too quickly


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