Thursday, August 10, 2017

Miyasako Hiroyuki Has Affairs with Multiple Women aka Japanese Male Infidelity Scandal #653

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The comedian Miyasako Hiroyuki, who appears in Ame Talk along with several other programs, was revealed to have be suspected to have affairs with various women according to an article from "Shukan Bunshun."

One of the women is the model Koyama Hikaru. They spent about 10 hours together at an expensive hotel. The next week they had a rendezvous at the same hotel. 

Another woman is the beauty writer A-san who looks like Takeuchi Yuuko. Late night July 25, he met with A-san at the same expensive hotel where he met with Koyama. In the August 9th issue of Shunkan Bunshun there will be photos of their secret meetings along with comments from Miyasako, who is known as a hen-pecked husband. 

3: 2017/08/08(火) 16:09:12.24
On Viking he was being covered by Yoshimoto left and right

4: 2017/08/08(火) 16:09:53.25
Narcissist gorilla

5: 2017/08/08(火) 16:09:59.71
During the reports about extramarital affairs his speech was always bad so this is why w

6: 2017/08/08(火) 16:10:00.18
Since he's a part of Yoshimoto he'll be protected

8: 2017/08/08(火) 16:10:40.18
You're going to go after Sakagami too right?


9: 2017/08/08(火) 16:10:49.04
You'd better drop that character of being a great father and an overprotective husband

13: 2017/08/08(火) 16:11:37.72
His mistress probably made his kid's bentos w

16: 2017/08/08(火) 16:11:46.11
This is a bit painful because he talked about his wife a lot
I don't care about celebrities' infidelities though

19: 2017/08/08(火) 16:11:54.24
It'll be fine to directly interview his wife too right?
Get the scoop, Bunshun!

23: 2017/08/08(火) 16:12:41.25
This guy is the trash that hit his kohais so I want him to disappear

27: 2017/08/08(火) 16:13:06.94
Bunshun's doing another infidelity scandal article this week w
Will there be no follow up report on Saito Yuki?

32: 2017/08/08(火) 16:13:31.15
How many times has this guy cheated? Becky was cast out of the entertainment industry to cast this guy out too


35: 2017/08/08(火) 16:14:19.09
In the meantime he should step down from his MC positions

41: 2017/08/08(火) 16:14:54.83
This guy is cheating too?

45: 2017/08/08(火) 16:15:02.66
Not really surprised m(_ _)m

46: 2017/08/08(火) 16:15:06.92
He really is trash for cheating multiple times

70: 2017/08/08(火) 16:17:12.88
Are there no other topics other than cheating


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