Many Japanese in this Generation are Becoming KPOP Idols

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1: 2017/08/22(火) 20:03:06.09

1: 2017/08/22(火) 20:03:06.09
One look at the Kpop idols from Japan

Yuuta (NCT127)

no title


no title

Kenta (JBJ)

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2: 2017/08/22(火) 20:03:39.84
It's fine if those kind of guys go overseas

4: 2017/08/22(火) 20:04:01.48
This can't helped

5: 2017/08/22(火) 20:04:58.61
For men going the KPOP route is better
If they go with Johnny's they'll have do shitty lame dances, wear horrible clothes and out of date music, and if they don't go with Johnny's they'll get pressured from Johnny's
By becoming a Kpop idol they'll be able to get 100x the popularity worldwide

9: 2017/08/22(火) 20:05:50.42
Johnny's costumes and songs are certainly so unfashionable that they'll end up crying

14: 2017/08/22(火) 20:08:50.12
The second most influential company Stardust has that kind of way of producing their talents so it can't be helped

6: 2017/08/22(火) 20:05:03.16
It's okay right? I have no interest anyway...

7: 2017/08/22(火) 20:05:11.65
Are they originally Zainichi?

10: 2017/08/22(火) 20:05:57.86
Mina, Sana, Momo (TWICE)

no title

11: 2017/08/22(火) 20:06:45.17
For better or worse the demand for them will be gone in Japan
If they want to have a worldwide outlook then their best bet is Korea

12: 2017/08/22(火) 20:07:37.60
Johnny's won't put out any PVs on Youtube so the world has no interest in them

18: 2017/08/22(火) 20:10:17.49
They need to adapt to the newer generation

15: 2017/08/22(火) 20:09:11.44
It's because there's no opportunity to be active in Japland

16: 2017/08/22(火) 20:09:23.96
Another glance 

Taichi (Blanc7)

no title

Yuna (ICE)

no title

17: 2017/08/22(火) 20:09:59.04
Jap idols are too shitty

19: 2017/08/22(火) 20:10:24.41
But for Korean idols there's no point if they don't sell overseas
Its seems that they can't really get any CD sales 

21: 2017/08/22(火) 20:10:52.41
There is some good for Japanese women to become idols but for Japanese men it's still undeveloped because of Johnny's

20: 2017/08/22(火) 20:10:47.16
They're just mixing in Japanese people in order to sell in Japan wwwww

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