Sunday, August 6, 2017

Live Action Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Movie is a Flop


1: 2017/08/04(金) 13:38:21.30
New Daily Rankiing
  1. Despicable Me 3
  2. Transformers: The Last Knight
  3. Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!
  4. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable
  5. Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai
  6. Mary and the Witch's Flower
  7. The Mummy
  8. Cars 3
  9. Gintama
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean

LOL at it losing to Pokemon

4: 2017/08/04(金) 13:38:43.82
Miike has done it again

7: 2017/08/04(金) 13:39:03.23
The CG and music seem to be good

8: 2017/08/04(金) 13:39:11.33
JoJo fans are celebrating

9: 2017/08/04(金) 13:39:13.95
Yamazaki Kento has no fans after all

no title

10: 2017/08/04(金) 13:39:25.44
Of course it flopped
Stop with the sequels and such

24: 2017/08/04(金) 13:40:29.12
It's so lame that they were so set on making a sequel that they added "Part One" to the poster


16: 2017/08/04(金) 13:39:52.74
The CG looks good
I don't have any desire to see the movie though

17: 2017/08/04(金) 13:39:56.05
Not disappointing but expected

20: 2017/08/04(金) 13:40:08.22
JoJo fans and Yamazaki fans are the target audience

26: 2017/08/04(金) 13:40:41.32
Only JoJo fans and Yamazaki Kento fans went to see this

27: 2017/08/04(金) 13:40:46.51
It's a mystery as to why so many people keep seeing the Transformers movies

no title

38: 2017/08/04(金) 13:41:35.89
On the other hand, Gintama

It has almost broken $40 million

no title

47: 2017/08/04(金) 13:42:09.99
Even though Gintama is such a huge hit JoJo from the same Shonen Jump is a flop

40: 2017/08/04(金) 13:41:42.17
How will Tokyo Ghoul do?

no title

48: 2017/08/04(金) 13:42:10.00
I don't want Komatsu Nana to appear in these cheap films
Her company needs to pick the rights job her 

no title

57: 2017/08/04(金) 13:42:52.65
Miike is an omnivorous director who will do any type of movie

59: 2017/08/04(金) 13:42:56.51
JoJo is really just a manga

69: 2017/08/04(金) 13:43:43.18
Now I know how amazing the JoJo voice actors really are


78: 2017/08/04(金) 13:44:08.48
Just a bunch of lame movies

85: 2017/08/04(金) 13:44:24.63
Look at this

no title

103: 2017/08/04(金) 13:45:40.53
All the JoJo fans will run away

105: 2017/08/04(金) 13:45:41.99
The people who will see the movie are probably a different demographic

28: 2017/08/04(金) 13:40:55.00
Rather this is actually putting up a good fight


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