Kuroki Meisa is Still Super Pretty After Having 2 Kids

Kuroki Meisa's First Photobook in 8 Years

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  • Kuroki Meisa, still in her prime of beauty even after having 2 children
  • The actress Kuroki Meisa will release her first photobook in 8 years, 「INCARNATION」on September 29

3: 2017/08/25(金) 05:18:32.08
She's also an Okinawan. I wonder if she'll be okay

4: 2017/08/25(金) 05:21:52.83
Who asked for this?

5: 2017/08/25(金) 05:23:06.34
She married that weirdo and even went as far as having kids with him

6: 2017/08/25(金) 05:23:37.21
I understand that she's pretty for a mother of 2 children, but who asked for this?


9: 2017/08/25(金) 05:38:05.28
Isn't her husband a sugar baby?

13: 2017/08/25(金) 05:43:56.14
Who's going to buy this?
She's an old hag with a husband and kids
Not needed

16: 2017/08/25(金) 05:58:19.16
I don't think that there is a necessity for this but I guess she's filling in the gaps for Horikita

24: 2017/08/25(金) 06:24:58.44
She needs to earn money so what can you do

27: 2017/08/25(金) 06:33:59.20
Why did she marry that guy?
What a waste


29: 2017/08/25(金) 06:45:32.95
Doesn't she have stretch marks?
Are they going to erase them with photoshop?

32: 2017/08/25(金) 06:54:14.09
During the marriage controversy I thought she'd be dropped from her makeup CMs but they have continued using her so there must be a demand for her

35: 2017/08/25(金) 07:09:09.28
As you would expect her body has gotten fatter
She's just like foreign celebrities who still have pretty faces but their bodies are jacked up

37: 2017/08/25(金) 07:09:57.89
I wonder if she will start her singing career again

38: 2017/08/25(金) 07:10:13.54

41: 2017/08/25(金) 07:32:11.26
She has a nose that looks like a slide

42: 2017/08/25(金) 07:40:20.98
I liker her...

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