Keyakizaka 46's New Song Gets a Flood of Criticism

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Female Victims Start Petitioning Due to Keyakizaka's New Song

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The song "Getsuyobi no Asa, Skaato ga Kirareta" [On Monday Morning, My Skirt was Cut] from Keyakizaka 46's latest album has been gaining attention. 

The part that has gained attention is the hook of the song. The part that says 「月曜日の朝、スカートを切られた 通学電車の誰かにやられたんだろう どこかの暗闇で ストレス溜め込んで憂さ晴らしか 私は悲鳴なんか上げない」"On Monday morning, my skirt was cut/ I was attacked by someone on the train to school/ Somewhere in the dark/ A diversion from the built up stress/ I cannot let out as much as a scream."

A woman who had her skirt cut in reality has said, "Let's hope that people who have had this same experience will not get hurt," and a petition that has gained up to 2000 signatures was started. On the petition website, women have written about their experiences of hearing the song and bringing about bad memories, and being scared to ride the train. 

-Are they saying to put up with it? This is too unpleasant!
-I can't comprehend the producer's concept!

4: 2017/08/02(水) 13:28:44.37
Keyakizaka 46's "Getsuyobi no Asa, Skaato ga Kirareta" performance

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7: 2017/08/02(水) 13:29:47.72
How much would the skirt-cutting play option be? How many thousand yen?

14: 2017/08/02(水) 13:34:31.15
They're cute so it's fine

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15: 2017/08/02(水) 13:34:51.61
Seriously? Akimoto Yasushi is the worst

17: 2017/08/02(水) 13:36:50.76
This is the concept that Akimoto thought of right?
The lyrics are gross that's for sure

18: 2017/08/02(水) 13:36:59.35
They've been vulgar from the start

20: 2017/08/02(水) 13:37:29.27
It can't be helped
The old man writing the songs are see Keyaki in that kind of way too

25: 2017/08/02(水) 13:39:29.52
Well someone who has absolutely no interest like me is writing a comment about it so I guess they were successful

29: 2017/08/02(水) 13:42:07.63
That pig has planned all of this up until now

30: 2017/08/02(水) 13:42:55.60
This song doesn't suit Ozeki at all

33: 2017/08/02(水) 13:43:53.16
This is Akimoto-sensei's method of getting popularity with controversy

39: 2017/08/02(水) 13:45:14.66
If this was on Twitter then it wouldn't be a problem, but since idols are singing it it becomes a problem. 
If my daughter were victimized in such a matter I'd be infuriated

48: 2017/08/02(水) 13:48:02.49
Dancing in school uniforms is gross

54: 2017/08/02(水) 13:53:04.37
Don't expect anything decent from Akimoto

55: 2017/08/02(水) 13:53:50.00
Their minds are completely abnormal

62: 2017/08/02(水) 13:57:43.89
What are you saying about a business that builds something out of nothing w
If you react then you've lost w

65: 2017/08/02(水) 13:59:12.54
I think this can't be helped but this group itself looks like a gag so is that okay?

42: 2017/08/02(水) 13:46:14.94
They're being completely caught up in the strategy of getting attention with controversy

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