Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kashiwagi Yuki's New Bob Hairstyle

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1: 2017/07/31(月) 15:19:44.81
Kashiwagi Yuki's new hairstyle, the "Yukirin Bob" is really cute

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2: 2017/07/31(月) 15:21:27.81
Super cute

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6: 2017/07/31(月) 15:24:29.07
Yukirin looks good with a bob~(´▽`*)

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8: 2017/07/31(月) 15:25:38.11
Honestly she's cute

15: 2017/07/31(月) 15:30:58.99
I think her hair is a little too bright
She's fine without black hair but a little dark would be better

17: 2017/07/31(月) 15:37:17.50
She looked good before but since she cut her hair short she looks better than Shinozaki

18: 2017/07/31(月) 15:37:21.52
She's working with Nakayama Hideyuki

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19: 2017/07/31(月) 15:39:49.09
Super cute!! (>_<)

20: 2017/07/31(月) 15:43:54.90
The long hair hides her long-bodiness

21: 2017/07/31(月) 15:44:04.41
She's not used to the short hair yet so her embarrassment is really cute

23: 2017/07/31(月) 15:44:33.27
Hmmm not bad

26: 2017/07/31(月) 15:46:35.45
As usual she has a stink face

31: 2017/07/31(月) 15:53:06.32
Yukirin was always pretty so even with short hair she is still cute
But Yukirin with long hair is better after all

40: 2017/07/31(月) 16:10:23.64
This is cute

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42: 2017/07/31(月) 16:12:11.89
Yukirin's short hair is too cute

44: 2017/07/31(月) 16:13:32.76
Who the hell is talking about this ugly chick

45: 2017/07/31(月) 16:14:43.42
no title

11: 2017/07/31(月) 15:27:35.59
Cute pretty beautiful


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