1998 Was the Golden Year For Female Singers

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1: 2017/08/25(金)14:07:55
Hamasaki Ayumi, Utada Hikaru, Shiina Ringo, MISIA, aiko, Morning Musume, Suzuki Ami, KOKIA, kiroro

Too awesome yo!

2: 2017/08/25(金)14:08:53
Include Kuraki Mai too~?


11: 2017/08/25(金)14:11:47
Her songs are trash
She just a gorioshi that came along with the fads

5: 2017/08/25(金)14:09:17
This era was the last light of Japanese music

6: 2017/08/25(金)14:09:41
Such a golden era

7: 2017/08/25(金)14:09:57
I'm 34 and that was the center of my youth

8: 2017/08/25(金)14:10:35
The only ones remaining among these are Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo

9: 2017/08/25(金)14:11:15
Please include Yaida Hitomi


13: 2017/08/25(金)14:12:14
Nishino Kana

34: 2017/08/25(金)14:18:39
Kokia has fallen off so much...
Even though she debuted with the ending song to Brain Powered the average person doesn't even know Brain Powered..


39: 2017/08/25(金)14:19:55
When I tried to remember who that was it turns out she was someone I don't know at all

50: 2017/08/25(金)14:23:31
She's the person who sang the support song for Japan at the Athens Olympics
She might be someone from the field of anime songs but around 2003 she was pretty popular with insert songs from afternoon dramas

43: 2017/08/25(金)14:21:19
Kokia  has fallen off...

51: 2017/08/25(金)14:23:46
Speaking of which when me and my girlfriend went for a drive we listened to these artists

60: 2017/08/25(金)14:27:39 
Hamasaki Ayumi comeback comeback....


62: 2017/08/25(金)14:29:25
Kuraki Mai did the OP ED of Conan, she's amazing

63: 2017/08/25(金)14:29:40
Shiina Ringo went from that blessed solo to Tokyo Jihen without a gap inbetween

67: 2017/08/25(金)14:37:56
The underground artist called UA

71: 2017/08/25(金)14:51:42
Then I learned that Hamasaki Ayumi and Shiina Ringo are the same age...

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