Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yamashita Tomohisa's Drama "Code Blue" Starts out with High Ratings


The third season of "Code Blue" premiered with ratings of 16.3%.


3: 2017/07/18(火) 09:07:34.66
It was so interesting

4: 2017/07/18(火) 09:07:35.62
A huge win for Gakki

5: 2017/07/18(火) 09:07:36.70
I was uneasy when I found out about the script writer but I was wrong

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6: 2017/07/18(火) 09:08:04.37
They're on a different level

11: 2017/07/18(火) 09:08:32.79
It surpassed 15% huh

13: 2017/07/18(火) 09:09:00.65
Yamapi is a wooden actor and I thought he would get worse from now on but I wonder if Gakki will put a stop to that

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14: 2017/07/18(火) 09:09:29.18
Yamapi is awesome

15: 2017/07/18(火) 09:09:34.98
Yamapi is super wooden in the announcements for the next episode so I wonder if people watching are okay with that w

16: 2017/07/18(火) 09:09:39.3
Gakki is cute

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18: 2017/07/18(火) 09:10:16.50
The national idols Arashi are crying right about now www

21: 2017/07/18(火) 09:10:35.05
Yamapi is just showing off
This is thanks to Gakki

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27: 2017/07/18(火) 09:11:47.12
Gakki is amazing
She even managed to bring back Fuji

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32: 2017/07/18(火) 09:12:09.61
I wouldn't be surprised if Fuji took out a special ad in the paper and held a parade for getting 16% ratings

34: 2017/07/18(火) 09:12:27.31
Yamashita is Johnny's ace

35: 2017/07/18(火) 09:12:29.66
Of course Yamapi will get those numbers
But it seems like Gakki is mostly the lead

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36: 2017/07/18(火) 09:12:31.49
It was actually quite interesting
When you think of the name and the starring actors it wouldn't be surprising if the ratings surpassed 20%

54: 2017/07/18(火) 09:14:12.14
If Gakki was there then it would get about 12%

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61: 2017/07/18(火) 09:14:43.51
It was interesting
Only Yamapi and Gakki's love line is not needed
Also Matchy-senpai's CMs

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78: 2017/07/18(火) 09:15:42.12
It was being said that the 9 PM Monday time slot was no longer relevant but Gakki splendidly saved it
She became the savior of the 10 PM Tuesday time slot too

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83: 2017/07/18(火) 09:16:12.14
Yamapi was just unnecessarily good looking
He annoys me

93: 2017/07/18(火) 09:17:04.53
If it was Fukushi Sota instead of  Yamapi it would have surpassed 20%

114: 2017/07/18(火) 09:19:27.41
Nowadays 16% for Fuji is amazing
The problem will be starting from next week

120: 2017/07/18(火) 09:20:12.47
I think Yamapi is inadvertently good at acting
He has more talent than Aiba


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